This website is dedicated to all Troopers and non-sworn employees, both past and present, whose hard work, dedication, loyalty and integrity have made the Ohio State Highway Patrol one of the most professional and well respected law enforcement agencies in the Country.  Troopers who have dedicated their lives to the Patrol and put them on the line every day to serve and protect the citizens of our great State deserve our support. 

It represents those who are proud to be a Trooper, proud of the Flying Wheel and proud to wear the black and gray.  It represents Troopers who serve their communities with respect, honesty and integrity.  It represents Troopers who respect the Highway Patrol and all it stands for.  It represents Troopers who love the Patrol and care about its future!

Trooper to Trooper is an independent website developed by a group of Troopers focusing on the interests, issues, and activities affecting the Ohio State Highway Patrol. 

This website is not affiliated with the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association or any other entities representing the uniform or civilian membership of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

All website content is reviewed and approved by the Trooper to Trooper Editorial Board.
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"Our Heritage, Our Purpose"
We appreciate the support of  all living, retired Superintendents and Ohio's first Inspector General:

Colonel Robert M. Chiaramonte
Colonel Jack B. Walsh
Colonel Thomas W. Rice
          Colonel Warren H. Davies
Colonel Kenneth B. Marshall
Colonel Kenneth L. Morckel
Colonel Paul D. McClellan
Colonel Richard H. Collins
Major David D. Sturtz
Ohio's first Inspector General
"With Respect"
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11/7 - Medina Post Dedication

11/14 - Leadership Wing Dedication


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The OSHPRA 2015 Snowbird Reunion will be held at the International Palms Resort in Orlando  from February 27th to March 2.  Reservation details are now available at

The Medina Post Dedication to House Speaker William G. Batchelder is scheduled for Friday, November 7th

The Thomas P. Charles Leadership Wing Dedication is scheduled for Friday, November 14th.
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