Commentary 2012
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Thomas Suddes / Members of Congress live in a different world
Toledo Blade / Prison sale's fuzzy math
Kevin O'Brien / Right-to-Work could be a learning experience / Two hot successors to SB 5
USA Today / Why U.S. should cheer for Scott Walker
Cleveland PD / CFD investigator needs free reign
Akron BJ / CCC was right to slow casino openings
Thomas Suddes / Republicans have it all their own way in Ohio
Cleveland PD / Firefighter followed the rules, all the way to San Diego
January 2012
Ann Richardson / Christie's plan for sick pay is good for New Jersey
Mark Naymik / Governor Kasich is showing political maturity / Put the brakes on speed limit bill
Joe Hallett / Right-to-work in Indiana will be felt in Ohio / Time to drop investigation of police chief / Should we set standards for memorial highways? / Distelzweig served Columbus well
Kevin O'Brien / Is Ohio crossing the bridge to fiscal reality? / Why Christie "pocket vetoed" pension reform
Fiscal Times / Bloated union contracts have busted state budgets
Toledo Blade / Raise Ohio's gas tax / CC list can also reward businesses
Cleveland PD / Approve shift-swap compromise
Intelligencer / Don't put officers at risk / Sometimes speed doesn't kill
Akron BJ / Kicking the can on pension reform
Akron BJ / Guns in the Statehouse Video / Don't text and drive / Speech on the road splits lawmakers
Cleveland PD / Tracking the missteps of the Ohio IG / Guns at day care go to far
USA Today / Costly recalls equal too much democracy / Drunk driving is still a hazard / A good decision on police surveillance
Joe Hallett / These things make no sense
Thomas Suddes / Hitting the road with unruly allies / Facing the reality about highway funding
Thomas Suddes / A Steubenville surprise, perhaps?
D.L. Stewart / Your right not to pass, may be about to pass
The Ohio Channel Video / State of the State address
February 2012
Governing / Jerry Brown's 12 point pension reform plan / Study needed for triple-trailer trucks
Cleveland PD / Kasich's OTP picks leave a sour taste
Marc Kovac / Kasich's new welcome sign
Toledo Blade / False choice on labor law, part 2
Colonel John Born / State Highway Patrol committed to safety
Larry Banaszak / How to respond when a gunman 
Tim Burga / Should Ohio become Right-to-Work? No
Matt Mayer / Should Ohio become Right-to-Work? Yes / LE officers should have addresses protected
Mark Naymik / Changes to Ohio's gun law defy common sense
Cleveland PD / A welcome shift of attitude at the CFD
March 2012
Jack Lessenberry / Michigan unions mobilize / Early retirement ages provide windfall
The Intelligencer / Trooper's action saved a life
Cleveland PD / Ohio's blindspot is texting while driving
Jack Lessenberry / Video of crash has worth
Joe Hallet / Kasich is not afraid to go back to drawing board
Thomas Suddes / Lawmakers are rattled
Cleveland PD / CFD audit demands further reform
Joseph Mas / BMV hassles immigrants
Cleveland PD / A troubling shooting in Florida
Cleveland PD / Public pensions as guilty pleasures
Clarence Page / 'Stand Your Ground' is a license to kill, go free
Thomas Suddes / GOP legislators have the jitters
News & Sentinal / Texting bans surround Ohio
WSJ / The Democrat who took on the unions
WSJ / Cuomos pension retreat / Let each trooper decide sleeve length / Uniform rules don't belong in troopers' contract
Cleveland PD / Taking on the sex trade in Ohio 
Cincinnati Enquirer / Ohio must ban texting while driving
News-Messenger / Texting as bad as drunken driving
April 2012
Rep. Richard Hanna / Will state pension crisis be tipping point?
USA Today / Publicly run pensions invite trouble
Brent Larkin / Women voters oppose expanding CCW laws / Reform needed in sheriff's appraisal process
Mark Naymik / What firefighters need to do now
ABJ / Its time to pass pension reform / Statehouse might need tighter security measures
Ken Hanson / Concealed carry: Why the uproar?
Ken Marshall / Voters feel better about Ohio
Cleveland PD / Get OTP priorities straight
Brent Larkin / GOP zeal for guns will wound Romney
Thomas Suddes / Republicans vs the People of Ohio / Fix the pensions
Crain's Business / Don't fiddle, embrace pension reforms now
Neihaus - Kerney / Act now on pension reform
Cleveland PD / Reminder of policy cost Cleveland $900,000
May 2012
Cleveland PD / Outbreak of good health at the CFD
Joe Hallett / Kasich stepping on toe, doing what's right
Mark Naymik / Dropping money shouldn't be a crime
Toledo Blade / Wisconsin's message
Kevin O'Brien / Wisonsin wins (Scott Walker too)
Akron BJ / Weighing Wisconsin
Cleveland PD / What Wisconsin is trying to tell us
Mark Naymik / Gov. Kasich wins points with black leaders 
Peter Henderson / Jerry Brown is ready for a fight over pensions
Akron BJ / Pension games / Ohio takes aim at human trafficking
MyrtleBeachOnline / We don't need 700 license plates
Cleveland PD / Yet another gift to Ohio's gun lobby
June 2012
Rep. Jay Hottinger / We must secure Ohio's pension systems now
Bob Dyer / Are police exempt from license-plate laws?
Cleveland PD / Clear the air in Cleveland's fire department SB 5 a catalyst for change
Cleveland PD / What to do with Ohio's extra cash / Seitz: Would tolls impact other bridges?
Mark Naymik / A peek at the Cleveland FBI / Reporting a drunk driver can save a life
NY Post / Say "Thanks" to Stockton
Cleveland PD / A new law for safer buses
Toledo Blade / Hidden guns / Restoring Ohio's savings account
Rep. Dorothy Pelanda / Retirement systems need to make changes
Bob Dyer / Other states don't miss front plates
Akron BJ / A summer pledge for pension reform / Top-Dollar deputies
Rep. Rex Damschroder / Double-dipping must stop to protect pensions