ODPS E-Mail Investigation
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Kent Markus (WBNS)
Joshua Engel
Cathy Collins-Taylor
Henry Guzman
(Cleveland PD)
Columbus Dispatch / Two Public Safety attorneys ousted 
Associated Press / E-Mail checking oust 2 public safety lawyers
WBNS / Attorneys allegedly spied on emails in canceled sting
Cleveland PD / ODPS fires top attorney
Grendell; Engel should have been fired a long time ago
Wheeling News-Register / Corruption a way of life
Columbus Dispatch / So far, political fallout is tame 
Columbus Dispatch / How did lawyer survive this long?
Editorial / Governor has failed to clean up mess at ODPS
Columbus Dispatch / Attorney combative amid DPS scandals
Ben Marrison / Spying eyes might focus next on you
Cleveland PD / Is Public Safety becoming a problem department for Ohio?
Columbus Dispatch / Special prosecutor named in state e-mails case
Columbus Dispatch / Auditor admits she went to far...Strickland unaware of criminal case against Engel
Joshua Engel Investigation / September 30, 2010
Columbus Dispatch / Ex-official to plead guilty in email plot
Columbus Dispatch / Ex-official hit with 3 charges in email snooping
WBNS / Charges filed against ex-state attorney
Cleveland PD / State attorney faces misdemeanor charges
The Intelligencer /Putting an end to corruption
The Intelligencer / Crack down harder on public corruption
Columbus Dispatch / Lawyer fined in email spying
WBNS 10TV / Ex-State lawyer pleads guilty
Columbus Dispatch / Ex-official pleads guilty to email eavesdropping scheme
Columbus Dispatch / Counsel's snooping caught 145 emails
Columbus Dispatch / Computer security head suspended over email spying
WBNS 10TV / Public Safety Official suspended amid Email investigation
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol commander retires amid probe
Columbus Dispatch / 2 agencies probing patrol official's conduct
Columbus Dispatch / Dewine names four to be top advisors
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol official accused of lying to investigators
Columbus Dispatch / Trouble not over for official fired over e-mail snooping
Dispatch.com / Engel faces public reprimand
November, 2011
Dispatch.com / Engel back for hearing on email case
5-18-12 / Dispatch.com / Engel gets 6 month law license suspension
5-19-2012 MasonBuzz / Former Warren County prosecutor suspended