April 17th -  Election delaying pension reform
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Stories from the Governor's Mansion 
February 3rd / Troopers' union backs Dicken
Click triangle to view support letter from OSTA President Larry Phillips
February 3rd / Patrol shifting focus of investigation into scuttled drug sting at Governor's Residence
February 5th / Smuggling at governor's home not uncommon
February 9th, / Why all the intrigue at the governor's house?
February 12th / Angry drivers prompt lawmakers to target late fees
February 10th / Ohio lawmakers interested in lifting $20 late fee on car tags and driver's licenses
February 9th / Ohio lawmakers working to dump driver late fees
BMV Late Fee News
February 14th / Rescind fee that gouges Ohio Drivers
January 27th / Director of Public Safety scuttled drug sting at Governor's residence
Activities Account Investigation / 2009
November 3, 2009 /  Inspector General; Former patrol head failed to report meals, other expenses
October 22, 2009 / Statements don't jibe in patrol fund investigation
August 14, 2009 / Patrol's fund reviewed for compliance
Link to review complete report from the Office of the Ohio Inspector General
February 24th,  - Probe opens into scuttled sting at the Governor's Residence
February 24th - Inspector General to investigate scuttled drug sting
Pension News
February 15th - Cincinnati public-safety officers reap pension largesse
February 18th - Public pension systems reeling
Other News
February 12th - Ohio State Agencies paying top bosses thousands in OT
February 28th - Columbus Dispatch / In prison, tobacco now contraband
February 28th - Thomas Suddes Comentary / ...The Dispatch has exposed what looks like political interference...
February 16th / Dayton Daily News - Auto fee whiners arrive late, barge in
March 4th - 10 TV / Sting at State Fairgrounds Handled Different than at Governor's Residence
WBNS "10 Investigates" / Cover-up allegations follow canceled drug sting
March 1st - Columbus Dispatch Short Takes / ...since the highway patrol aborted a planned sting...
February 25th - Ohio traffic deaths fall sharply
March 6th - Columnus Dispatch BMV at the tailend of another backlog
March 10th - Columbus Dispatch / New boss at the BMV
April 2nd - Columbus Dispatch / 'Beautiful Ohio' now state's official plate
March 11th - Columbus Dispatch / How did these officers get their jobs back?
April 17th - The Ripley Bee / Fireman honored for saving neighbor's life
April 4th - Columbus Dispatch / Car stops at bridge raise red flags
April 4th - Marion Star /  Men honored for roles in January rescue
April 21st - Lehman holdings cost Ohio Pensions $480 Million
The Highway Patrol Retirement System held just one Lehman-managed assest
April 18th - The Chillicothe Gazette / Forty years of service to Camp Sherman honored
Cincinnati Enquirer / Residents remember bomber crash
Columbus Dispatch / State's new, portable drunken-driving testers remain relatively unused
E-Portage News / Ohio Highway Patrol concerned about increase in fatal crashes
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland impugned a man of integrity
PD Editorial / Ohio school facilities director must go
Columbus Dispatch / Official says his union bias is allowed
WFIN / Highway patrol dispatchers to be routed to Findlay Post
Columbus Dispatch / Misfeasance - Head of school building agency erred, but Governor to blame
Columbus Dispatch / Governor stands by facilities chief
Examiner.com / Report on union ties to Ohio school building program prompts call for director to resign, be fired
Columbus Dispatch / Inspector General: School facilities chief too close to unions
Cleveland PD / State official served on pension council without Senate confirmation
Dayton DN's / Kasich campaign security tight
PD Editorial / Ohio BMV policy leaves people from Puerto Rico with an identity crisis
Cleveland PD / Puerto Rico, it's ID card rejected, Ohio asked to take another look
Columbus Dispatch / Harris: School facilities chief went too far
The State Journal / Highway patrol chief recommends trooper's firing
Columbus Dispatch Editorial / Police dress and appearance codes
Dayton DN's / Are region's police layoffs leading to fewer traffic tickets
ABJ Editorial / The school facilities commission thumbs its nose at the IG
Fox 8 / Man allegedly spikes officer's coffee with oxycontin
Columbus Dispatch / Trooper retires amid sexual misconduct investigation
Chillicothe Gazette / New patrol commander plans to focus on community
Columbus Dispatch / State backs off push to collect tiny bills from ex-employees
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol claims Dann case still open, shields files
Mt. Vernon News / Public gives input on sheriff's office
Cleveland PD / First year superintendent slowly steering agency away from troubling year
Columbus Dispatch / State worker's commute time paid for as OT
Cleveland PD / Three more defendants sentenced in ODOT bribary investigation
Columbus Dispatch / 3 accused of fraud, wage violations
Marion Star / Marion officer campaigns for Strickland in role as FOP president
Columbus Dispatch / Governor names 7 to casino control commission
Cleveland PD / McFaul collected $500,000 from workers
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland ex-cabinet official tied to violation
Cleveland PD / Kingpin of ODOT corruption scheme pleads guilty
Columbus Dispatch / No time for casinos
Marion Star / City Council questions funding cop's political position
November / December
Columbus Dispatch / GOP rejects blocking all Strickland nominees
DRC Central Office Investigation / 2010
February 27th  - Columbus Dispach / Patrol had to defend investigation, troopers say
March 4th - Columbus Dispatch / Legislative IG has questions for lobbyist
April 16th - Columbus Dispatch / Developer fined, put on probation over illegal workers
EDGE Investigation / 2010
January 15th- Columbus Dispatch / Who at state highway patrol stopped fraud probe?
February 2nd - Columbus Dispatch / Patrol's handling of cases questioned
March 4th - Columbus Dispatch / Public Safety criticizes Inspector General over contractor report
Link to review complete report from the Office of the Ohio Inspector General
BMV / POA Investigation / 2010
February 4th - Columbus Dispatch / Report blisters ex-public safety leader
Link to review complete report from the Office of the Ohio Inspector General
Cleveland PD / Strickland says he will stay politically active; resents Northeast Ohio
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich declines Governor's Residence
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland troubled by next leaders
January 2011
Columbus Dispatch / Cost of security upgrade at Kasich's home witheld
Toledo Blade / Ohio's new Governor ready to fight over changes
Columbus Dispatch / Ten year troopers reflect on careers
Columbus Dispatch / Troopers, dispatchers kept cool during gunfight
Columbus Dispatch / Democrat Rankin will regain top BMV post under Kasich
Cleveland PD / Kasich cuts lottery commission employees
Dayton DN's / State could end fiscal year with $400 million surplus
Columbus Dispatch / Private prison consultant chosen to run ODRC
AP / New Ohio governor paying more to aides
Cleveland PD / The imprint the Ohio governor leaves on the state
The News-Herald / Lawmakers consider their safety