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Current Month (Through March 31, 2011)
January 2011
Cleveland PD / It's just to easy to double-dip
Columbus Dispatch / Cutting pensions won't generate jobs
Cleveland PD / Cleveland has hired double-dipping retirees
AP / Unions see sharp membership declines again
USA Today Opinion / Lavish benefits hurt states 
                                                   Don't blame public pensions
Columbus Dispatch / GOP targets contract settlers
New York Times / A path is sought for states to escape their dept burdens
Toledo Blade / 5 public pension funds offer to make cuts
Columbus Dispatch / P&F pension fund not complying with State law
Springfield News / Teachers to vote on pension changes
Columbus Dispatch / Teachers to sacrifice for pensions
Dayton DN's / First ever cuts to teacher's pensions await
Washington Examiner / Time to get real about public sector pensions*
Columbus Dispatch / All state workers will pay for fixes
Columbus Dispatch / Public pensions bow to reality
Dayton DN's / Pension rules can change, still be fair
Bloomberg / Ohio rep. proposes changes in pension bill
Columbus Dispatch / GOP majorities could push "right-to-work"
WOSU COTR / COTR  panel discusses pension reform 
Wheeling Intelligencer / Keep Ohio pension programs solvent
Columbus Dispatch / GOP consultant hired by safety unions
Columbus Dispatch / PERS chief departing
Bloomberg / Christie says "sue me" as pensioners challenge cuts
Columbus Dispatch / Police, firefighters could see retirement pay trimmed
Columbus Dispatch / Higher pension deductions would be phased in
Columbus Dispatch / GOP aims at collective bargaining
February 2011
Newsmax / Republicans seek ban on public pension bailouts
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich: You strike, you get punished
Dayton DN's / Kasich ending bargaining for state workers
Bloomberg / Wisconsin Governor won't negotiate 
Massillon Independent / Oelslager bucks CB bill
Columbus Dispatch / Unused sick time fattens checks
Columbus Dispatch / Proposal means changes for teachers
Columbus Dispatch / Public workers preparing push back on SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Collective bargaining bill leads busy week
Buckeye Forum Podcast / Collective Bargaining
Dayton DN's / Union bargaining "out of control"
Columbus Dispatch / Senate bill would hurt middle class
NBC 4 / Collective bargaining testimony
Hudson Times / Late fees and union reps
WOSU / Ohio public employee unions fight for survival
Columbus Dispatch / Officials praise limits on unions
Akron BJ / Third hearing on SB 5 expected to draw hundreds of demonstrators
Bloomberg / Labor packs Ohio Statehouse
AP / Wisonsin Dem's flee to block anti-union bill
Columbus Dispatch /  Anger on both sides in the CB battle
Columbus Dispatch / Not all GOP Senators agree
Columbus Dispatch / Savings on whacking collective bargaining, who knows?
Toledo Blade / Senate bill alarms Copeland
Columbus Dispatch / Seitz on SB 5
Morning Journal / CB bill ignites battle in Columbus
Cleveland PD / Public employees will pay for changes
Columbus Dispatch / State workers under seige
Bloomberg / Union protest spread from WI to OH
Columbus Dispatch / Thousands expected at Statehouse 
Marion Star / CB debate heats up
Private pay plummets, public pay increases
Collective Bargaining 101
Toledo Blade / Rally to oppose bargaining legislation
Columbus Dispatch / Teachers unions oppose boosting 
New York Times / Thousands march on capitals
AP / Walker warns of layoff notices
Cleveland PD / After lawsuit threat, protesters allowed in
Columbus Dispatch / Thousands rally against plan
Columbus Dispatch / Hint of progress amid SB 5 protest
NBC 4 Video / SB 5 Rally 02242011
NBC 4 Video / SB 5 Savings 02242011
Fox Video / Gov. Kasich on O'Reilly 02232011
Dayton DN's / Ohio lawmakers consider changes in SB 5
Vindicator / Capital lockout stirs up Hagan
Columbus Dispatch / State workers would get some back
ABC 7 / Governor's plan could eliminate FHP
Cleveland PD Video / SB 5 protest in Cleveland
Akron BJ / Governor argues for restructuring
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 could rekindle "Blue Flu" days
Columbus Dispatch / Cops hire Andy Douglas
AP / Wisconsin Assembly passes bill
Cleveland PD / Police, fire unions say they will make Republicans pay for limiting collective bargaining
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 could be voted on Tuesday
AP / Democrats, unions say no help for Ohio bill
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 saves 1.5 billion, study says
Cleveland PD / Ohio unions, Senate Democrats refuse help
ABC 6 / State Rep will sue for Statehouse shutout
Fox 8 Video / Senators oppose bill
Cleveland PD / Real reform for public pensions
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5: Its about budgets, jobs
Toledo Blade / Critics, backers spar on bargaining limits
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich: "I'm not anti-union"
February 2011 Video
Cleveland PD / Kasich says limits would save $1 billion
Columbus Dispatch / Altering CB called 1st step
NBC 4 Video / Two points of view on SB 5
WBNS Video / Columbus Council opposes SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Tensions build over SB 5 in Senate
Columbus Dispatch / Panel to hear changes in SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / At least 8,500 at Statehouse protest
Columbus Dispatch / Tea Party returning for SB 5 vote
Columbus Dispatch / Panel, protesters to hear changes in SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Tensions build over SB 5 in Senate
Columbus Dispatch / Unreasonable request
Cleveland PD / Kasich says limits would save $1 billion
Columbus Dispatch / Supporters, foes of SB 5 hash it out
March 2011
Dayton DN's / CB bill passes Ohio Senate
Cleveland PD / Seitz removed from committee
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 passes, heads to Ohio House 
Columbus Dispatch / Workers say they've made concessions
Columbus Dispatch / Amendment would end arbitration, strikes
Cleveland PD / Democrats plan ballot challenge
NBC 4 Video / SB 5 Bill: What next?
WKYC Video / Protesters greet Kasich, Jackson
Cleveland PD / SB 5 protesters at State of the City address
Columbus Dispatch / Union supporters disrupt Senators' meal
Dayton DN's / Kasich: SB 5 fair for workers, taxpayers
Columbus Dispatch / Ohio House readies for SB 5 debate
Buckeye Forum Audio / SB 5 far from over
WI State Journal / Lawmaker tackled
Youtube Video / Rep. Nick Milroy tackled
Cleveland PD / House inherits public union bill
Cleveland PD / SB 5 could end CB for college professors
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 foes outside the Schott
Cleveland PD / Gov. Kasich prepares for State of the State
Cleveland PD / SB 5 could change landscape for teachers
Columbus Dispatch / Pay raises, much to change is bill passes
Columbus Dispatch / Police, firefighters rally against SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Protest fizzle out at lawmakers home
Cleveland PD / Democrats expand fundraising with SB 5
Washington Post / No negotiating in Wisconsin
Columbus Dispatch / CB bill predicted to pass easily 
Cleveland PD / Protest continue during State of the State
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich plays by his rules
Columbus Dispatch / Speech gave outline of dramatic changes
AP / Wisonsin Republicans by-pass Democrats, cut collective bargaining
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich plans "town hall" meeting on budget
Columbus Dispatch / GOP hopes to hasten vote on SB 5
WBNS Video / SB 5 House Hearings
AP Video / Protesters removed in Madison
March 2011 Video / Podcast
Columbus Dispatch / No timetable set for SB 5 vote
LA Times / Kasich: "We will not raise taxes"
AP / Wisonsin Republicans by-pass Democrats, cut collective bargaining
Toledo Blade / Toledo official testifies against SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Police, Fire unions alarmed by SB 5's effect on safety equipment demands
Chicago Tribune / Democrats return to Wisconsin Capital
Columbus Dispatch / Bill erases union rules
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich budget will include cuts
Cleveland PD / Sources say five prisons, OTP to be sold
Columbus Dispatch / Public employee benefits stir envy
Dayton DN's / SB 5 provides universities flexibility
Marion Star / Pension reform to effect public workers too
February 25, 2011 / Governor John Kasich
March 1st / Senator Bill Seitz
March 3rd / Senator Tim Grendell 
March 3rd / Retired Justice Andy Douglas
Bill Cunningham Podcast
WBNS Video / Private prisons raise concerns
Columbus Dispatch / Ads target GOP Rep.'s on SB 5
Dayton DN's / Deep Cuts, privatization fill budget
Columbus Dispach / Poll numbers low for SB 5, Kasich
Columbus Dispatch / Budget hikes pension contributions
Dayton DN's / Forcing local tax increases not a solution
Toledo Blade / Gerken calls overhaul "nightmare"
Columbus Dispatch / Flaw found in proposed pension shift
Fox 9 Wisconsin / Judge issues order against CB law
NBC 4 Video / Prison safety sacrificed
Marietta Times / SB 5 would eliminate tenure
Columbus Dispatch / Flaw found in proposed pension shift
Toledo Blade / Kasich's budget lacks a balanced approach
Dayton DN's / Legislator pay not part of budget cutbacks
Columbus Dispatch / Teachers targeted?
Cleveland PD / Ohio budget for leaner local government
Columbus Dispatch / House will adjust union bill
Toledo Blade / Officials say budget sets them up for fall
Cleveland PD / What's really in SB 5?
Columbus Dispatch / Tensions could lead to employee strikes
ONN / SB 5 may still face fight
Cleveland PD /Low performance numbers for Gov. Kasich
Columbus Dispatch / Final reconciliation still elusive for SB 5
Reuters / Wisconsin union bill headed to state high court
Columbus Dispatch / Committee to vote on union bill soon
Cleveland PD / Referendum could impact 2012 elelction
Cleveland PD / Democratic dinner takes aim at SB 5
Akron BJ / House panel prepares changes to SB 5
Cleveland PD / Democratic dinner takes aim at SB 5
Dayton DN's / SB 5 opponents to rally at statehouse
Dayton DN's / SB 5 opponents to rally at statehouse
Columbus Dispatch / Rep. Hagen angry
Toledo Blade / Labor gets squeezed
Columbus Dispatch / Ohio House passes SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich budget touted as helping locals / Dems ready for SB5 referendum
Dayton DN's / Backers defend SB 5
Toledo Blade / SB 5 ready for Kasich to sign
Columbus Dispatch / Pawlenty supports SB 5
AP / Wisonsin Republicans bullish to push past judge
March 2011 (continued)
Cleveland PD / Kasich signs SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich to sign SB 5 tonight / Tempers flare as SB 5 approved
Columbus Dispatch / Assembly sends SB5 to Kasich
AP / Wisconsin puts labor rules on hold