Pension Reform
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Leading the Parade 1935 / Principals' raises resented
MSNBC Video / The progressive case for pension reform / "Double-dipping" debate resumes / Hutras helped pension oversight earn respect
Dayton DN's / Audit finds pension payments illegal
Cleveland PD / City hires Bakeman for payroll investigation
Cleveland PD / Retired, rehired staffers remain on payroll
Cleveland PD / Firefighter gave notice of California move
January 2012 / Retired in December, rehired in January / SEIU agrees to extend state labor contract
Dayton DN's / Trustee pensions illegally funded / Canton fires 29 double-dipping workers
WBNS 10TV / Columbus paid $7.5 million for unused time-off
NY Times / Recall election in Wisconsin will be closely watched
Cleveland PD / CB reform not a priority in 2012
AP / 1 million signatures submitted for Wisconsin recall
LA Times / Police in Bell CA get undeserved disability pensions
USA Today Video / Why retire?
Eagle-Gazette / Lancaster firefighters agree to concessions / Finalist named for ORSC director
USA Today / Indiana House OK's right-to-work bill
AP / Ohio governor dismissive of right-to-work idea / Walker speech marked by protest / OT more popular than promotions
Epoch Times / States grapple with public pension funds / "Right-to-Work" measure is taking shape / Public pensions pile on risk to beat underfunding
Akron BJ / APD union president slapped with FB complaint
Dayton DN's / Ohio pension funds  will share in AIG settlement / Right-to-work can start petition drive
NPR / Arizona lawmakers target public worker unions / ORSC's new director has Statehouse roots
NCSL / DB or DC? A state by state comparison / Federal jobs pay more than private sector
February 2012
Toledo Blade / Some pensions could top $4 million / 'Right-to-Work' backers seek signatures
Stateline / Wisconsin accessing new labor law's  impact / Ohioans like 'Right-to-Work', poll says / House candidates spar over SB 5 vote
Detroit FP / Unions say pension law isn't constitutional
Chicago Tribune / Public pensions get an overhaul
Stateline / Courts block efforts at public pension changes
NBC 4 / Union law draws contenders into Ohio primaries
Dayton DN's / Lower membership in state bucks trend
Dayton DN's / SB 5 an issue for many in Statehouse races / Senate  ready to act on pension fund issues / SEIU approves labor contract extension / Columbus BOE rehires retiree at full pay
March 2012
Cleveland PD / Treasurer ending relationship with 2 banks
Bloomberg / Pension benefit costs cut by 43 states
NY Times / Lawmakers vote to limit public pensions
NY Times / Untouchable pensions may be tested in California
Cleveland PD / House Bill could take away pension benefits 
Bloomberg / Pension overhall is boost for New York
Akron BJ / Police approve union contract changes
NY Times / New ideas on pensions
WSJ / Jerry Brown's latest accomplishment
P & I / OSHPRS wants Forest to replace Timbervest
Dayton DN's / Taxpayers paid $96 million for unused time-off
Rueters / Wisconsin governor faces recall / Kasich not ready for "right-to-work" 
Dayton DN's / OSU paid out $25.6 million in bonuses
USA Today / Publicly run pensions invite trouble
Bloomberg / SD Judge upholds cut in annual pension increases
Cleveland PD / Firefighter collected $100,000 in pay / FOP ask for cuts to be restored / No BWC reform without union input
April 2012 / Report details high state pensions for police
AP / Embattled governor OK's big bonuses / Dewine: BP hurt state pension funds / Teachers will pay more, get less in pension / DROP interest rate slashed
Cleveland PD / Payroll abuse described in email /OP&F Director retiring
Dayton DN's / Pension reform to move through Senate soon
Eagle-Gazette / Ohio mulls changes to pension funds / Teachers will work longer under proposal / More teachers retiring earlier / Pension reform may take awhile
Cleveland PD / Teachers rally for rainy day funds / Senate moving forward with pension changes / More states scale back pensions
Springfield News / Pension legislation would reduce benefits
CBS News / Public pension changes get moving in Senate /Pension reform puts more on workers
Dayton DN's / Higher rates of disability at Dayton P & F
Cincinnati Enquirer / Crippled pension system 
AP / Disability rate for troopers only 9%, other rates questioned
Cleveland PD / Unions ready for 2012 elections
Cleveland PD / Firefighters with 2nd jobs trade shifts
Middletown Journal /  Pension overhaul biggest in state history
AP / California cutting more state jobs / Controversial pension bill moving forward
Bloomberg / States borrow to cover pension fund shortfalls / Ohio Senate OK's pension bill
Cleveland PD / A closer look at firefighters second jobs
Dayton DN's/ With pension uncertainty, teachers depart
May 2012
Cleveland PD/ OTP limiting pay and benefits / SB 5 group joins redistricting effort / Pennsylvania pension crisis 
P & I / OSP pension plan mulls international investments
Cleveland PD / Speedy Ohio House passage for pension bills
Bloomberg / N.J. doesn't have to pay COLAS
Toledo Blade / Pension fund fixes await state action
USA Today / Wisconsin Governor faces recall
AP / 2nd retirement no longer an option for state workers
USA Today / Walker survives recall election
June 2012 / Labor battle not for Kasich
KC Star / Public employees under scrutiny
Detroit FP / Effort to recall Gov. Snyder abandoned
FOX News Video / Calif. voters approve cuts to pensions / Failed SB 5 still a boon for some school districts / Pension  health care on "maybe" list
Dayton DN's / Ohio praised for retiree health funding
Cleveland PD / Firefighters pile up sick leave before retiring
AP / Budget Turnarounds - Some states socking away cash
NY Times / New pension rules seek better disclosure / Caution warranted
Cleveland PD / Ohio House will take action on pension reform
NY Post / Say "Thanks" to Stockton
SF Chronicle / Brown, lawmakers dicker over pension changes / OSHPRS health care account in "worst" shape / Retirement systems face slew of hearings / Emergency workers face later retirement
Rep. Rex Damschroder / Double-dipping must stop