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Dayton DN's / State retirement fund to get audit
Patrolman Robert M. Chiaramonte
 First Assignment - 1942
Pension news from Ohio and across the country
June 2010
Canton Rep/ Public pension systems turn retirement on its head
USA Today / States come to grip with pricey pension promises...
... after feds show the way
ABJ / School chiefs get better deal than teachers
Cleveland PD / Ohio's public pension systems have wash of cash...
Columbus Dispatch / Pension rules allow educators to double dip
Columbus Dispatch / State pension cuts hardly thrifty
Columbus Dispatch / Pension peril
Toledo Blade / Pension funds have their own power
ABJ Editorial / Double Trouble
ABJ Editorial / Double Trouble (Part 2)
Columbus Dispatch / 'Double-Dip' legislation possible
Columbus Dispatch / Pension fund adjusted to change in rules
Toledo Blade / Ohio pension fund watches BP holdings plummet
Froma Harrop / Pensions for government workers are too lavish
Cincinnati Enquirer / California cities might vote to trim public pensions
July 2010
Youngstown Vindy / As many states face budget deficits...
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette / Ohio Pensions: time bomb for state and local governments
Cleveland PD / Other states in much worse fiscal shape...
Once again, the pension solvency plan for OHPRS was misrepresented in the media.  Executive Director Dan Weiss sent this letter to on behalf of OHPRS to correct this misrepresentation. 
TTT Editorial Board
August 2010
Youngstown Vindicator / Ohio Public Pension Systems refuse to release their data
Columbus Dispatch / Public pensions should be scrutinized before getting more taxpayer cash
Cleveland PD / Ohio's public pension systems...draw attention of state lawmakers
News Herald / Wall Street cost Ohio millions in public pension funds
Cleveland PD / State official served on pension council without Senate confirmation / Hold on to your wallet
Columbus Dispatch / Pension systems adhering to Ohio law
Columbus Dispatch / Pension info easily could identify retirees
Columbus Dispatch / Cordray, Dewine stay quiet on pension records
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland has dodged his duties
Columbus Dispatch / Allow public to view state's pension funds
September 2010
Mt. Vernon News / OPERS changes at stand still
ABJ / Painful adjustments in the public sector
Dayton DN's / Struggling pension fund to send two board members to Hawii
Columbus Dispatch / Pension funds should release general records
Columbus Dispatch / Allow public to view state's pension funds
Columbus Dispatch / State pension systems have no excuse for lavish travel budgets / Don't ignore positives of public pension systems
Marion Star / A free retirement
Mansfield News Journal / Who pays for pick-ups?
Global Pensions / Marsh & McClennan settles anti-trust suit
October 2010
Marion Star / Pension reform needs to be part of state budget solution
ABJ Editorial / No Bargain: Ready to revisit the state law governing public employee unions?
Sacramento Bee / Pension rollbacks part of proposed California Budget
Sacramento Bee / Budget gave Schwarzenegger a win over CalPERS
The Economist / A gold plated burden
Columbus Dispatch / Pension reforms going nowhere fast
Buckeye Institute / "Dipped in Gold" report on the DROP Program
Response to "Dipped in Gold" from Ohio Police & Fire
Buckeye Institute responds to rebuttal by Ohio Police & Fire
Columbus Dispatch / Pension reforms going nowhere fast
 Mercury News / Voters draw line on public safety pay and pensions
November 2010
American Police Beat / Scrambling for the exit before the cuts
San Diego News / Board ordered to release pension data
Cleveland PD / Ohio public pension reform can wait no longer
The Christian Science Monitor / The 2010 election was a call to cut public pensions
Cleveland PD / Cleveland police head into retirement with big seperation checks
KNBC-LA / Jack Dean Interview - California Pension Reform
Columbus Dispatch / Drop the secrecy
Columbus Dispatch / Teacher's pension system scales back belt-tightening
Columbus Dispatch / DROP retirement plan is member's own money
Columbus Dispatch / Pension fixes on track, a year later
Dayton DN's / Police, fire losing key staff due to pension option
Tulsa World / Felons may lose city pensions
Columbus Dispatch / Licking County commissioner "retires"
Arizona Republic / Are first responders pension villians? No.
Michael Barone / Bankruptcy could help states avoid crisis
Boston Herald / Amid turmoil, sheriff found dead
December 2010
Columbus Dispatch / Pension Reform: Fixes should come from public employees, not taxpayers
American Police Beat / The end of an era
Dayton DN's / Letting school bosses "retire" hurts pensions
Columbus Dispatch / Agencies budget outlook: Painful
Iowa / Tough decisions helped IPERS, actuary reports
Columbus Dispatch / Public pension system needs cap
Thomas Suddes / Collective bargaining law may get tweaked
Cleveland PD / Budget battle might become union war
Columbus Dispatch / Pension officials skip Hawii junket
Newark Advocate / Pension reform needed to reduce double-dipping
New York Times / Mounting debts by states stoke fears of crisis
Milwaukee Sentinel / Walker looks at showdown with state employee unions
Washington Post / Pension reality check
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich repeats opposition to prevailing wage, collective bargaining laws
Dayton DN's / Kasich: End binding arbitration for police, fire unions
Wall Street Journal / Gov. Tim Pawlenty: Government Unions vs. Taxpayers
Columbus Dispatch / Public-sector unions in Ohio may soon be under seige
Cleveland PD / Governor - elect Kasich wants to overhaul collective bargaining law
Seattle PI / Gregoire aims to rein in state pension cost
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol pension treads carefully
At the December 16th OHPRS Board meeting, the transparency resolution presented by the special committee passed unanimously.  Go to Old Guard Productions to see the discussion and the vote.
George Will / States should have to live with bad choices
Fredericksburg VA / State pension blues
Cleveland PD / Good suggestions on Ohio's budget
Mercury News, CA / Pension, prison reform absent from Brown's budget
Columbus Dispatch / Pension board plans to make changes