Senate Committee Hearings / May 19 - 20, 2010
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Senator Timothy Grendell
Committee Chairman
Cathy Collins-Taylor
Columbus Dispatch
Earl Mack
Columbus Dispatch
Josh Engel
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Inspector General Thomas P. Charles
Columbus Dispatch
The final committee vote
Columbus Dispatch / Offshoot of scandal is full of intrigue
Columbus Dispatch / Public safety chief rejected
Dayton Daily News / How Senate confirmation of appointees works
The Other Paper / Where there's smokes, there's fire
Toledo Blade / Panel rejects public safety official
Cleveland PD / Senate committee rejects safety director's appointment
Colonel Dicken
Columbus Dispatch
May 19th - 20th
Columbus Dispatch / Defiant director stands by record
Dayton Daily News / Ohio safety director defends herself at hearing
Columbus Dispatch / Early clash marks Collins-Taylor hearing
Cleveland PD / Senate hearing to confirm Strickland appointee starts slowly
Senate Hearing
OG Productions
Captain Arthur Combest
Columbus Dispatch / Director defends her take on sting
WBNS / Public Safety Director offended by report into canceled sting
Toledo Blade / Ohio public safety director on offensive on eve of hearing
May 16th-18th
"Thomas (Charles) understands that integrity and accountability play critical roles in our state government," Mr. Strickland said at the time. "He has played an absolutely essential role in beginning the process of restoring Ohioans' trust and faith in their government."
ABJ Editorial / Hearing Voices
Intelligencer Editorial / Public safety must be a priority
PD Editorial / Grendell, GOP must conduct hearings with dignity
Dayton DN / Ohio Rep. wants IG to step aside if conflict
Cleveland PD / Public Safety Chief says she's ready for confirmation hearings
Columbus Dispatch / Agency now asserts notes are public records
Columbus Dispatch / Public safety agency hits back on inspector general's report
Link to Senate Hearings Page 1
Cleveland PD / Ohio DPS slams IG's report
Dayton Daily News / Ohio Governor accuses Senator of bullying tactics
Columbus Dispatch Video Clips
Senator Bill Seitz compares the sting to Hogan's Heros 
Senator Shirley Smith walks out of the hearing
Colonel David Dicken
DRC Invest. Scott Thompson
May 21st-22nd
Columbus Dispatch / Inmate rules tightened at Governor's Bexley home
Buckeye Forum / Safety Director's rough confirmation (audio)
WBNS / Ohio toughens governor's residence inmate program
Columbus Dispatch / Confirmation vote scheduled for Tuesday
Dayton DN's / Ohio toughens governor's residence inmate program
Columbus Dispatch / Department of Public Safety's top lawyer demoted
May 23rd-24th
The Intelligencer / Don't confirm Collins-Taylor
The Daily Sentinal / Stewart votes against Collins-Taylor
May 25th-27th
Associated Press / Aborted sting at official residence dogs Ohio gov.
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland picks new public safety director
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland speaks after vote ...
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Senate confirmation video on the Ohio Channel
Columbus Dispatch / Stickrath takes the reigns at public safety
Columbus Dispatch / Senate rejects public safety chief
Dayton DN's / Senate votes against embattled safety chief
Cleveland PD / Collins-Taylor confirmation vote: Senate says no
WBNS / Public Safety attorney disciplined for alleged plot to leak documents
May 28th -29th
Columbus Dispatch / Drunken inmate sought to 'sabotage himself'...
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland suspends program...
Youngstown Vindicator / Sympathy points for governor
Canton-Rep. Edit. / Bad judgement sank safety nominee
The Intelligencer / Probe Public Safety
ABJ Editorial / Exit at public safety
Marion Star  Editorial / Which Ted Strickland do we believe?
Columbus Dispatch / Will inmate mess hurt Strickland?
May 30th - 31st
CD Editorial / Repairs Needed
New public safety chief has chance to restore wounded agency
Columbus Dispatch / Inmates boozing baffles officials
Darrel Rowland commentary / Safety director's confirmation process was ugly chapter
Benjamin J. Marrison commentary / Attacks fail to suppress ugly truth
Tom Stickrath
June 1st - 2nd
Toledo Blade Editorial / Safety and politics
Columbus Dispatch / Safety chief in, inmate program out?
The Intelligencer / Change Inmate Work Program
Columbus Dispatch / Senate bill would end inmate worker program...
June 3rd -12th
The Crime Report / Who's watching state police?
Ben Marrison Commentary / Reader's support is heartening
WOSU / Columbus on the Record / June 4, 2010
Columbus Dispatch Editorial / Take it slow
Cleveland PD Editorial / Strickland appointee falls victim to partisan ...
Columbus Dispatch / New public-safety director expects no new shakeups
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol bottom line: Wrong call made
Columbus Dispatch / FOP endorses Strickland, but not Fisher
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol's own review says sting was safe
Columbus Dispatch / Head casino regulator denies conflict
Cleveland PD / First rate choices for Ohio casino council
Columbus Dispatch / No time for casinos
Columbus Dispatch / GOP rejects blocking all Strickland nominees
Cleveland PD / Power struggle clouds future of Ohio Casino Control Commission
Columbus Dispatch / Thoughtful deliberation
Columbus Dispatch / No more charges likely in canceled sting at mansion
WBNS 10TV / Governor's head of security reprimanded...
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland's security chief rebuked
The Intelligencer / Highway Patrol cleanup vital
Columbus Dispatch / Public Safety also finds lies
Link to ODPS Investigation
Columbus Dispatch / State Patrol's No. 2 officer suspended
Link to IG Investigation
WBNS 10TV / Trooper suspended for lying...
Cleveland PD / Kasich will name IG Tom Charles as next ODPS director
Columbus Dispatch / Inspector General moving to Public Safety
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland: Kasich can choose his own cabinet
Columbus Dispatch / Highway Patrol chief steps down
WTOV 9 / High ranking OSP official suspended with pay
WTOV 9 / State investagtion reveals troopers' suspicions 
Columbus Dispatch / Colonel stepping back to captain
Cincinnati Enquirer / Mt. Healthy native steps down
Columbus Dispatch / Dicken blames politics for ouster
WTRF-WV / OSHP investigation nearing end
Marietta Times / Patrol appointees known for integrity
Columbus Dispatch / Senate to reject 78 Strickland appointees
Columbus Dispatch / High-ranking state workers moving to protected jobs following Strickland loss
Cleveland PD / Timidity was Ted Strickland's real undoing
...reappointing state IG Tom Charles...was the biggest political misstep of his governorship...
Fox Toledo / Job growth success during Strickland term
Columbus Dispatch / Keep new administration upfront, open
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland should get over election loss
Cleveland PD / Budget shortfall could be as high as 10 billion
Columbus Dispatch / Free to choose
Akron BJ / Rejected in the Senate
Cleveland PD / Charles for Public Safety strains credibility
A brief look back at four years
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland's legacy clouded by economy
WTRF / Amidst scandal, second in command retires
WTOV / High ranking OSHP officer retires amid scrutiny of investigation
Hearing Officers Report
Columbus Dispatch / Patrol housecleaning complete with No. 2 officer's retirement
Mark Kovac / Another chapter in Governor's mansion saga