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This Month
Columbus Dispatch / Protesters rally to protect  services
The Other Paper / A new crop of anti-Kasich groups
Akron BJ / Warned by the speaker
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich alters order on work rights
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich paying cabinet  higher salaries
NBC 4 / Kasich administration ask for security increase
Paul Aker / ODOT's $3 million plane waiting for take-off
Dayton DN's / Republicans advised to tread carefully
NBC 4 / Budget increase for security approved
January 2011
Columbus Dispatch / Prison jobs costly
Columbus Dispatch / Board denies college land buys, security approved
Columbus Dispatch / GOP legislators get fast start
Columbus Dispatch / Statehouse lobbyist seem to get Kasich's reform message
Warren Tribune / Kasich pledges support
Vindicator / City and state working together to reduce crime
Vindicator / Kasich offers a helping hand
Cleveland PD / East 55th Street DX  to stay open
WKYC / Historic ODOT corruption case now over
Vindicator / Late fees get GOP's attention
Toledo Blade / City to pay $500,000 in officers' grievance
February 2011
Akron BJ / Kent's first female chief says challenges, not paycheck was reason for wanting job
Akron BJ / Chief's salaries are real mystery
Columbus Dispatch / Prisons about to "blow"
Columbus Dispatch / 'Idiot' remark riles First Lady too
Cleveland PD / Ohio would increase fees for auto titles
Columbus Dispatch / Ohio muni's consider sheriffs 
NBC 4 Video / Battle over title fees / Reece: Put a brake on BMV fees
Columbus Dispatch / State workers pay, cuts near end
Marietta Times / Fees may rise for motorist
WYTV / YSU, City leaders meet with Kasich's cabinet 
Vindicator / Troopers to make more random visits
Columbus Dispatch / Trouble not over for official fired over e-mail snooping
Columbus Dispatch / House puts $7 billion in transit budget
March 2011
Vindicator / Troopers to make more random visits
Dayton DN's / Kasich considers leasing OTP
Cleveland PD / Kasich to unveil first budget
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich has been working years on this
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich plans to sell 5 prisons
Toledo Blade / Kasich cuts spending for schools, government
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich reviews budget
Dayton DN's / Female prison may be moved to Dayton
Toledo Blade / City, police resolve dispute
Akron BJ / Maneuvers in the transportation budget
Dayton DN's / Legislator pay not part of budget cutbacks
Columbus Dispatch / Prison sales, fewer inmates part of plan
Cleveland PD /Low performance numbers for Gov. Kasich
Dayton DN's / Prison officials to meet with public
Cleveland PD / State backpedals on moving prison for women
Marion Star / ODRC: Plan for prisons
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich signs transportation budget
Dayton DN's / Bill limits investigations to crashes
AP / Highway deaths fall to lowest level since 1949
April 2011
Cleveland PD / OTP raises limit to 70 MPH 
Dayton DN's / Would options ease prison population
Columbus Dispatch / Prison director has not conflict
Washington Post / Military health care unsustainable
Cleveland PD / Kasich may need Washington bailout
Columbus Dispatch / Cop's wife says shame on Kasich
Columbus Dispatch / House GOP huddles on budget
Toledo Blade / Lawmakers push for recall
Cincinnati CityBeat / Reflections on riots and race
Cleveland PD / Senate passes concealed carry bill
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich staff earns less, by .5%
Cleveland PD / Senate passes concealed carry bill
Dayton DN's / Police throw out written exam scores
Columbus Dispatch / Lawmaker won't give up on gun bill
Columbus Dispatch / $5 million grant was misused by chiefs
Akron BJ / Akron ignores labor agreement
Cleveland PD / Officers had criminal and financial troubles
Dayton DN's / Governor defends us of state planes
Cleveland PD / State Fair votes to allow beer
Columbus Dispatch / Delaware ends pension pick-up
WTOV 9 / Norris case sent to prosecutor
WKBN  / Troopers help Youngstown police with patrols
Cleveland PD / Citizens say dog, troopers, intimidated them
Toledo Blade / New police officers
Akron BJ / Nothing extra in police paychecks
Akron BJ / Two townships put police levies on ballot
Columbus Dispatch / Fired head of Chief's group suing OACP
Columbus Dispatch / Sheriff envisions regional aviation unit
Columbus Dispatch / Pardons promised failed to materalize
Columbus Dispatch / Sixth prison to be run privately
Cleveland PD / Mayor announces cuts in city workforce
Toledo Blade / Chief seeks boost in police diversity
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich questions Capital's security
May 2011
WBNS / OSP defends Statehouse security
ONN / New gun law would allow more rights
Cleveland PD / Planners against leasing OTP
Cleveland PD / OTP employees make more than ODOT
Columbus Dispatch / Statehouse access may be limited
AP / OTP traffic lower despite higher speed limit
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich signs "pill mill" bill
Cleveland PD / Deputies to help suburban police
Cleveland PD / County braces for prisoner release
Cleveland PD / New OTP speed limit brings change
Cleveland PD / Ohio poised to approve new CCW law
Marion Star / Mixed opinions on guns in bars, cars
Cleveland PD / Crime statistics continue to drop
Chronicle-Telegram / Lawyer faces gun charge
Cleveland PD / LaRose bill would shield "dash-cam" video
Cleveland PD / Cadets will graduate, then get layed-off
Columbus Dispatch / Breath-tester's reliability challenged
Dayton DN's / Officers reprimanded in previous pursuits
Columbus Dispatch / Gun sale laws easily circumvented
Marion Star / Private prisons see opposition
Cleveland PD / Senate budget restores some funding
Springfield Sun / Lawmakers, police argue over front plate
Cleveland PD / OTP director may have violated ethics law
Cleveland PD / OTP director may have violated ethics law
Dayton DN's / Guns, the budget, tops legislative agenda
WEWS 5 / Law enforcement against front plate legislation
Middletown Journal / Inmates proud of plate production
Toledo Blade / Limit on union wage cut proposed
ONN / House, Senate have differing budget views
Columbus Dispatch / Bill will allow auditors to carry guns
Ironton Tribune / Ironton Post formally opened
Columbus Dispatch / Officials work to be more secretive 
Cleveland PD / OTP lease would benefit northern Ohio
Cleveland PD / Policy changes tucked in massive budget
Columbus Dispatch / Budget plan spares rich
Columbus Dispatch / Working undercover
Dayton DN's / Ohio lawmaker's pay 6th in nation
June 2011
Dayton DN's / 141 state workers outearn Kasich
Columbus Dispatch / Bill would expunge old convictions
Mansfield NJ / Beasley retiring after 40 years of service
Cleveland PD / Setting up a duel of referendums
Columbus Dispatch / Vote on "get-out-of-prison" bill
Dayton DN's / Legislators get more reimbursements
Columbus Dispatch / Engel faces ethics charges
Dayton DN's / Fewer Ohio convicts may go to prison
Columbus Dispatch / Agreement reached on budget
Athens News / State defends its alcohol breath testers
Columbus Dispatch / Budget cuts could mean big changes
AP / Cincinnati gets first black police chief
AP / House passes bill to ban texting while driving
Columbus Dispatch / House passes budget
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich signs budget
Columbus Dispatch / Full service bar to open at Statehouse
Columbus Dispatch / 3 to bid on five state prisons
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich signs "new day" budget
Columbus Dispatch / State budget packed with changes
Dayton DN's / Local governments prepare to cut services
Toledo Blade / Reservations about hiring Cleveland officers
Columbus Dispatch / One in five would fail driving exam
July 2011
Cleveland PD / Kasich appoints new OTP commissioner
Columbus Dispatch / Highway fund is falling into holes
Columbus Dispatch / Ohio BMV worker fired
Toledo Blade / Public records law draws complaints
NJ.Com / Steroid testing for NJ police officers announced
Columbus Dispatch / OTP  - Moneymaker or drain on drivers
Toledo Blade / Juveniles with guns on the rise in Toledo
Dayton DN's / AG offers training for police 
AP / Ohio police say tougher texting ban may be tough
USA Today / Distracted driving programs show success
Dayton DN's / Liquor sales soaring in sluggish economy
Dayton DN's / City gets DOJ approval to hire new officers
Dayton DN's / City's police exam consistent on racial lines
Columbus Dispatch / Teens need to learn CPR to get license
Athens News / Police still using challenged breath tester
Columbus Dispatch / Speaker wants House member to resign
Cincinnati Enquirer / Driver exam stations may close
Columbus Dispatch / Station closures may not be a done deal
Columbus Dispatch / Legislator  swore his record was clean
Columbus Dispatch / One in five would fail driver exam
Akron BJ / Stay issued in promotion of Akron firefighters
Columbus Dispatch / "Last Chance" often a misnomer
Columbus Dispatch / Serious crime arrests at 10 year low
Columbus Dispatch / Legislator quits after drunken-driving
Arizona Republic / Guns in Arizona - A life -or-death question?
Massillon Independent / Ohio may ban  texting while driving
Columbus Dispatch / Mecklenborg's troubles?
Columbus Dispatch / Statehouse bar hits speed bump
Cleveland PD / A fresh eye on police work
Columbus Dispatch Poll / Should the State lease the OTP
Dayton DN's / Beavercreek state rep. facing OVI charge
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich can expect OTP fight
Columbus Dispatch Poll / Should the State lease the OTP
AP / Ohio got $493 million from Homeland Security
Dayton DN's / Rep. Martin to be arraigned
Cincinnati Enquirer / Union president seldom worked
NBC 4 / How safe is the Ohio State Fair?
Columbus Dispatch / Medical board might arm investigators
Columbus Dispatch / Legislator found in garage last year
Toledo Blade / Two in legislature warned of conduct
Elyria Chronicle / Operation Open Heart allows kids to camp
Cleveland PD / Hacking credit card accounts from prison
Cleveland PD / Mobile phones a dangerous weapon in prison
Dayton DN's / 2 killed in Wright replica plane crash
AP / Ohio loses 6 officers in 6 months
Dayton DN's / Drivers distracted by phone apps
July 2011 (con't)
Cincinnati Enquirer / OSP investigating Mecklenborg
Columbus Dispatch / Probe on lawmaker requested
Cincinnati Enquirer / OSP investigating Mecklenborg
WMFD / Maxey to lead United Way
WKYC / Kasich uses state plane more than Strickland
Columbus Dispatch / Legislator says he asked for help
WFIN / Retired OSP sergeant will run for sheriff
Dayton DN's / Security measures mixed for private prisons
Toledo Blade / Consultant sought for OTP sale
Dayton DN's / Police, deputies will keep using tasers
Columbus Dispatch / Court chides "public-records police"
Cleveland PD / Kasich moves ahead with OTP leasing 
Columbus Dispatch / Board agents to carry weapons
Cincinnati Enquirer / Ohio Government shrinking faster
Dayton DN's / Lawmaker will not resign house seat
Dayton DN's / Firearm sales up in 2011
Columbus Dispatch / Chief put ego over investigation
Dayton DN's / Bill would allow inmates to manufacture goods / Merging systems may not cut cost for munis / Legislator pleads guilty to OVI
Cleveland PD / Ryan critical of OTP plan
Toledo Blade / Kaptur decries OTP leasing plan
Toledo Blade / Firms line up to make OTP deal 
WBNS 10TV / BCI will review Jordon case / Group ask court to halt prison privatization
Dayton DN's / State Rep urged to resign following DUI / Stimulus gone, highway fund may be next / Engel back for hearing on email case / State takes more time to pick OTP advisor / Judge allows sale of prisons, for now / Court rejects BMV fee increase / State considers plans for OTP lease / Fewer traffic tickets issued in SW Ohio
Cleveland PD / ODRC sells one prison / Prison chief working to re-work system