Mission Review Task Force
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Link to ODPS Mission Review Task Force Page.
Patrolman Stan Erter and Corporal Verlin Archer take a break after their heroic actions at the 1968 Ohio Penitentiary Riot
Since the first Mission Review Task Force meeting on November 8, 2009, many of our retiree's, spouses, and friends have made the trip to downtown Columbus to attend a meeting. Thank you for supporting the future of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
Tom Rice
Charlie Linek
Butch Collins
Arnie Schropp
Jim Spurrier
Mike Everhart
Steve Belyus
Mike Finamore
Howard Shearer
Walt Liddle
Harold Miley
Karen Miley
Curt Kordell
Ivan Teets
Ted Wurm
Del Everett
Mark Atkeson
Jim Roberts
C.L. "Ace" Auckerman
Don Slemmer
Dave Sturtz
Blaine Keckley
Ginny Foght
Lou Gliozzi
Debbie Gliozzi
Bob Carson
Lisa Taylor
Scott Harter
John Boster
Vicki Boster
Gil Jones
Jeff May
Richard Nelson
Bill Costas
Bob Booker
Mike Megison
Shel Senek
George Barton
Kenneth Garloch
Kevin Titler

Mission Task Force Video
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Col. Tom Rice expresses concerns about the most recent recommendations from the BSSA
Chairman Pete Tobin
Director B C I & I
Brian Newbacher
Ohio AAA
Larry Davis (left)
Ohio Trucking Association
Colonel Dicken with Todd Dieffenderfer, OAG's Office
Michael McCann
DPS Chief of Staff
Columbus Dispatch
Mark Drum (left)
Ohio FOP
Chief John Peach
Trooper Jim Foltz (left), OSTA  &
Robert Cornwell, BSSA
Rep. William Batchelder
Rep. Connie Pillich
Rep. Mark Schneider
Senator Jason Wilson
Senator Thomas Patton
Senator Steve Buehrer
Larry Long
County Commissioners Association of Ohio
Mission Review Task Force Committee
Jeff Clark
OAG's Office
MRTF Voting Summary Page
MRTF Meeting June 16, 2010 - Part 1
MRTF Meeting June 16, 2010 - Part 2
Mission Review Task Force News
Columbus Dispatch / Sheriffs say they could perform patrol's duties for less
 Marietta Times / Sheriffs want more to do, more money from state
Columbus Dispatch / Troopers can't look to gas tax for funding
The final report: Mission Review Task Force
Marietta Times / Sheriff to cut helicopter, canines
Former Superintendents Respond 
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