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Op-Ed Columns from Across the State (oldest to most recent)
Columbus Dispatch - Public Safety Department, State Highway Patrol should clear the air
Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune - Solutions exist to funding the patrol

Columbus Dispatch 
Editorial "Extra" from April 10, 2009 - Under the scope: Don't ignore excellence in search of savings when examining the highway patrol
The Intelligencer - Wheeling News Register  Probe Highway Patrol Allegations
The Intelligencer - Wheeling News Register Politics, Police Not a Good Mix
 Salem News / Leave politics out of patrol business
Columbus Dispatch - Better for all, prison tobacco ban
 Thomas Suddes commentary, ...the supposed "politicizing" of the Ohio State Highway Patrol...
Superindent Colin Brittan (retired) Commentary
OACP Retired Chiefs letter of support
 Salem News / Political influence must not taint State Highway Patrol
Columbus Dispatch - OOPS!
Akron Beacon Journal - Mystery at the Mansion
Marietta Times - No room for politics in highway patrol
Letters of Support
 ABJ Editorial / Caught in the coverup
CD Editorial / ...Gov. Ted Strickland should fire those...
 PD Editorial /Gov. Strickland sets himself up as softie on crime
News Herald Editorial / Law Enforcement and Politics don't mix
Dayton Daily News / Strickland gives inmates too much rope
Intelligencer - Wheeling News Register / Probe dispute over prisoners
ABJ Editorial / Stung at the Governor's Mansion
Cleveland PD Editorial / Highway patrol's non-bust at the Ohio Governor's mansion reverberates on and on
Salem News Editorial / Time for probe of prisoner's work at Governor's Residence
Columbus Dispatch  Editorial / Feeling the sting
Canton-Rep. Editorial / Not worthy of Strickland's confidence
ABJ Editorial / Hearing Voices
Intelligencer Editorial / Public safety must be a priority
PD Editorial / Grendell, GOP must conduct hearings with dignity
Columbus Dispatch Editorial / Sorry Spectacle
The Intelligencer / Don't confirm Collins-Taylor
Marion Star  Editorial / Which Ted Strickland do we believe?
ABJ Editorial / Exit at public safety
The Intelligencer / Probe public safety
Canton-Rep. Edit. / Bad judgement sank safety nominee
Youngstown Vindicator / Sympathy points for governor
Darrel Rowland commentary / Safety director's confirmation process was ugly chapter
Benjamin J. Marrison commentary / Attacks fail to suppress ugly truth
CD Editorial / Repairs Needed
New public safety chief has chance to restore wounded agency
The Intelligencer / Change Inmate Work Program
Toledo Blade Editorial / Safety and politics
Cleveland PD Editorial / Strickland appointee falls victim to partisan ...
Columbus Dispatch Editorial / Take it slow
Joe Hallett Commentary: Statehouse's players could learn from imperfect game
Ben Marrison Commentary / Reader's support is heartening
Letters from Colonel Tom Rice to Governor Strickland and Director Collins-Taylor
Columbus Dispatch / Mend it
Intellingencer / Report raises new questions
PD Editorial / Ohio school facilities director must go
Columbus Dispatch / Misfeasance - Head of school building agency erred, but Governor to blame
Columbus Dispatch / Strickland has dodged his duties
Wheeling Intelligencer / Discipline evaded
Wheeling Intelligencer / Discipline evaded
Columbus Dispatch / More checks needed
Columbus Dispatch / Director is destroying school-facilities program
ABJ Editorial / No Bargain: Ready to revisit the state law governing public employee unions?
Cleveland PD / Is Public Safety becoming a problem department for Ohio?
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