Commentary 2011
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Colonel Robert M. Chiaramonte and Ohio House Speaker William G. Batchelder June 29, 2011
Joe Hallett / Points to ponder over holiday weekend
Columbus Dispatch / Texting and driving danger to public safety
Thomas Suddes / Budget remarkable, hurdles remain
Toledo Blade / Reservations about hiring Cleveland officers
Toledo Blade / Text message to drivers
Akron BJ / Unmerited hurry for merit pay standard
July 2011
David Kushma / Kasich fights a revolution - for the favored
Thomas Suddes / This is your legislature on term limits
Toledo Blade / Turnpike Toll
Deborah MacInnis / Forget guilt or shame and think positive
Toledo Blade / Kasich's jobs budget
Columbus Dispatch / Mecklenborg was right to resign
Columbus Dispatch / CPR requirement might be too much
Thomas Suddes / Ohioans don't favor SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Pension remark requires history lesson
Columbus Dispatch / Too much effort to fire a teacher
Jack D'Aurora / Concealed-carry laws do not reduce crime
Lancaster Gazette / Helmets needed for motorcycle riders
Joe Hallett / Politicians behaving badly
Cincinnati Enquirer / Union scandal cast light on system
Cleveland PD / Traffic-stop tape a lesson for all
Cincinnati Enquirer / Could city be hoodwinked again?
Columbus Dispatch / Husted plays it straight on SB 5
Brent Larkin / Kasich goes looking for extra trouble
Columbus Dispatch / Ohio should seek compromise on SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Lawmakers should stick to soft drinks
Columbus Dispatch / State troopers made great impression
Kevin O'Brien / Repealing SB 5 won't save the unions
Dayton DN's / Pension reform in limbo
William Winegarner / What is the legislature thinking?
Thomas Suddes / SB 5 vote could hurt GOP, or not
Columbus Dispatch / Getting advice on OTP prudent
Akron BJ / Can Kasich walk away from a bad OTP deal?
Michael McIntyre / Issue 2 backers could use more
Cleveland PD / Scaling back SB 5 would be better 
Marilou Johanek / Leasing the OTP would take a toll
Cleveland PD / Think twice before selling OTP
Brent Larkin / Teachers, unions risk being shoved aside
Thomas Suddes / SB 5 provokes a fight, not the usual deal
Cleveland PD / Unions rejection the wrong answer on SB 5
Cleveland PD / Unions rejection the wrong answer on SB 5
Thomas Suddes / SB 5 provokes a fight, not the usual deal
Brent Larkin / Teachers, unions risk being shoved aside
Toledo Blade / Time to talk about SB 5
Akron BJ / First, the repeal
Marilou Johanek / To0 late to make nice on SB 5
August 2011
Marilou Johanek / SB 5 battle starts on Labor Day
Cleveland PD / Religous leaders need to oppose Issue 2
Thomas Suddes / No surprise, big business supports SB 5 / SB 5 ad on Issue 2
Connie Schultz / Teachers don't deserve to be bullied
Dayton DN's / Unions battle for their future
September 2011
Kevin O'Brien / The "Middle Class" will be fine, thank you
Cleveland PD / Understanding Taser's risk
Toledo Blade / Stay true to GOP, yet woo Democrats / OSP has experience to police casinos
Toledo Blade / DROP in the bucket
Akron BJ / Spinning SB 5 / Columbus drivers are the worst / Texting and driving needs to be illegal / Concealed-carry records should be open

Newsmakers 9/16: Gina Raimondo:

Cleveland PD / Background checks needed for gun sales
Washington Post / Law for right-to-carry ill conceived / Campaign ad watch: Nurse
David Kushma / Issue 2 - as in 2 bad alternatives
Richard DeColibus / Repeal SB 5
David Yost / Keep SB 5
Cleveland PD / Should Ohio keep SB 5
Cleveland PD / Mandel has a long way to go / Our early thoughts on Issue 2
Kevin O'Brien / Revolution in the October air / Vote "yes" on Issue 2
October 2011
Cleveland PD / Vote "yes" on Issue 2
Thomas Suddes / SB 5 foes allowed GOP to define the debate
Michael Douglas / From "kill the bill" to "kill the ad"
Steve Hoffman / "Ad wars" is no way to reslove SB 5
Toledo Blade / Break the cycle
Kevin O'Brien / "Yes" to all state ballot issues
Thomas Suddes / A world without SB 5
WLW Video / Bill Cunningham says "No" on Issue 2
Akron BJ / Vote "No" on Issue 2
Joe Hallett / Why won't lawmakers listen?
Marion Star / Chief Bell says vote "No" on Issue 2
Chicago Tribune / Pension abuses exposed in Illinois
Kevin O'Brien / Ohioans' tax dollars should buy quality
Cleveland PD / Pitfalls of leasing the OTP
Joe Hallett / Poll shows SB 5 is an egregious overreach
Cincinnati Enquirer / Vote "yes" on SB 5
Toledo Blade / Vote "No" on Issue 2
WSJ / Jerry Brown's "Nixon to China" Moment on retirement age
Steve Hoffman / Wow, Democrats on message
Cleveland PD / Not so fast on privatizing OTP
Arnold Oliver / Labor unions, democracy balance interest
Mark Kovac / SB 5, Issue 2: How did we get here?
Marilou Johanek / Kasich blew his chance to reform / Issue 2: A fog of claims
David Kushma / Ohio voters can strike a better balance
Mayor Mike Bell / Vote "Yes" on Issue 2
Fireman Wayne Hartford / Vote "No" on Issue 2 / Senator Seitz's words prophetic
November 2011
Cleveland PD / SB 5 is dead; issues remain
Kevin O'Brien / Legislators need to do an SB 5 rewrite
Akron BJ / 1958: Been there, survived that
Jack Lessenberry / Michigan, Ohio: 1 agenda, 2 outcomes
David Kushma / Voice of voters not soothing to Kasich or Obama
Thomas Suddes / The people have spoken: will the Governor listen?
Ben Marrison / Headline on Issue 2 vote went astray
Joe Hallett / Sounds like Kasich learned his lesson on election night
The Intelligencer / Approve texting ban in Ohio
Cleveland PD / Officers under investigation should not be on payroll
Toledo Blade / Felons are still armed and dangerous
Cleveland PD / Mayor, city needs to pursue overtime abuses in CFD
Leonard Pitts Jr / Good cops shouldn't fear being filmed
New York Post / Union pension fight moves to California
Mark Naymik / Cleveland Firefighters violate public trust
John Celock / Lawmakers urged to look at hybrid pension plans
Cleveland PD / Fire Department probe needs fresh eyes
Joe Hallett / Lawmaker never forgot where he came from
Akron BJ / Halt the double-dipping
December 2011 / Holding down State's debt burden is wise / Pension reform moving slowly
Julie Graham-Price / Retirement systems embrace change
Jerry Bradner / Troopers do a lot for us with little recognition
William Estabrook / Pension fund strong but reform needed
Rex Damschroder / Bill ends double dipping by officials
Froma Harrop / Phoning and driving don't mix / Proposed bill would not end double-dipping
Thomas Suddes / An Ohio that succeeds matters more 
Joe Hallett / The poorest among us have a friend in John Kasich
Cal Thomas / Christmas can be a sad time for military families
Cleveland PD / General Assembly should pass pension reforms
Christopher Evans / Taking aim at gun show loophole
Thomas Suddes / Members of Congress live in a different world