Commentary 2012
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Commentary 2012 / January - June / Fix the pensions
William Estabrook / Pension reform bill is promising
Westerly Sun  / Pension suit shows unions out of touch / Firefighter pension bill passes in St. Louis
Rep. Dorothy Pelanda / Retirement systems need changes / GPS will ensure workers are working
Phillip Morris / Governor gets converts in unexpected places
Toledo Blade / Cell phone surveillance 
Marilou Johanek / A pledge against distracted driving
Akron BJ / Stake in the Turnpike
AP / A lone gunman is tough to head off
Brent Larkin / What's the hold-up on the pro-gun bills?
David Kushma / Break your silence on guns
Ken Hanson / A gun would give victims a chance / Recruiting 9/11 / End the chase
Cleveland PD / Timid House stalls pension bills / Law on texting is too lenient
Sheryl Harris / 10 things I learned at a home-flipping 
Toledo Blade / Terror Profile / Time for pension changes
August / Armed Firefighters a liability / Thieves and liars
James Rainey / If only democrats could learn to say 'no'
Cleveland PD / The 120 hour firefighter shift / Commissioners wait on sheriff's study / Reform will bolster state pensions / Pension reforms will shore up funds
Cleveland PD / Reforms will solidify pension funds
Thomas Suddes / Kasich looks toward his "re-election" budget / Cashing  in on Ohio's turnpike
Intelligencer / Cooperating against drugs
Times-Leader / Drug Busting / Keep close tabs on take-home cars
Advisor-Tribune / Anti-texting message at Calvert / New police contract is good for public safety / CPD fitness program protects officers, public / Sheriff's study has been compromised
Thomas Suddes / Ohio voters don't tow anybody's line
Phillip Morris / The tip of the "idiot" culture
Ben Marrison / Seat belt use isn't always apparent
Joe Hallett / OTP a road hazard for Kasich / City's list of dishonest cops should be accurate
Brent Larkin / How will Kasich play the OTP?
Thomas Suddes / OTP plan is chuck-wagon politcking
Akron BJ / OTP is a public asset
Reuters / Behind the surprise in Michigan
Cleveland PD / Kasich's OTP plan is worth pursuing / OTP plan will find cash for needed roadwork / Focus on gun control easier
Toledo Blade / Shifting views on guns
Cleveland PD / Drawing a lot of blanks on guns
Joe Hallett / Support for more gun control building
E. Thomas McClanahan / Preventing gun violence
Akron BJ / No concession from NRA
Brendt Larkin / Handicapping Kasich's competition
Thomas Suddes / Kasich might fancy a move up
Toledo Blade / High speed lessons
Toledo Blade / Kasich job approval rising
USA Today / Gun Lobby, don't change the subject