Pension Reform News / January - June 2012
Pension Reform
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Cleveland PD / Ohio House will take action on pension reform
Akron BJ / A summer pledge for pension reform / Funds should do fixes / Hearings planned on pension reform
Toledo Blade / Faster pension reforms urged
Captain Clarence Shambaugh, 1959
Dorothy Pelanda / Retirement systems need to make changes
July / FOP endorses Brown for Senate
Toledo Blade / Ohio pension funds join lawsuit against Chase
Chicago Tribune / Quinn wants special session on pensions
ABC News / Top 6 states facing major financial stress
Toledo Blade / When can I retire?
Dayton DN's / More state employees outearned Kasich in 2011
Cleveland PD / Governor spending more time in Northeast / Retirements put firefighter diversity at risk
Cleveland PD / Mayor challenges firefighter union
 Alicia Munnell / Pensions facing more changes than you think / Retirement systems face slew of hearings / Workers' pensions won't raise retirement age / Pension systems split on increasing powers
Bloomberg / Chief's $204,000 pension 
Pension & Investments / Indiana cuts return rate to 6.75% / Legislator wants bills to end "double-dipping" / Ohioans fear for retirement security
Rep. Rex Damschroder / Double-dipping must stop 
Reuters / Are you going to retire in poverty? / Superintendent cashes out after quiting
Stateline / Illinois pensions at crisis time / Lawmakers look to cut unused vacations / Time for pension changes
Reuters / Illinois fails to act on pensions 
Cleveland PD / Casino workers vote to join union / Controversial pension deal in California
Chicago Tribune / Gambling on pension horse trading 
P & I / OSHPRS names two international finalist / Town Halls discuss retirement changes / Labor unions try to wield SB 5 clout
Reuters / California  set to approve pension reforms
LA Times / Gov. Jerry Brown faces a stack of delimmas
Toledo Blade / Perrysburg safety director retires, rehired
Dayton DN's / Township employees pay the least / Pension systems ok changes 
P & I / Public pension plans brace for challenges to cuts
Hudson Hub / Lawmakers poised to act on pension reform
Cleveland PD / Some firefighters worked 120 hours / Pension legislation ready for final vote
Cleveland PD / Lawmakers ready to back pension reforms
MSNBC Video / Chicago teachers go on strike
Intelligencer / Saving Ohio pension funds
Reuters / Pension reform sweeps through Ohio / Pension changes get final approval
AP / Court guts Wisconsin law on public unions / Reform will bolster state pensions
Clarion-Ledger / Pension issues will resurface in Mississippi
Eagle-Gazette / Changes are not the final word 
Cleveland PD / Reforms will solidify pension funds
Dayton DN's / Delphi employees fight to restore pensions / Kasich signs pension bills into law / Governor signs five pension bills
Dayton DN's / Pension funds win $2.3 billion settlement
Stow Sentry / City will see more retirements / Police & Fire hire new pension director
Washington Post / The looming shortfall in pension costs
Cleveland PD / Teachers running for state legislative seats
Chicago Tribune / Illinois voters to decide  pension reform
Dayton DN's / Ohio ranked 6th worst for retirees
Reuters / How a city went bust
AP / Fired detective will get disability retirement benefits / Pension change spurs judge to retire
Reuters / Confrontation over "right-to-work" in Michigan
Toledo Blade / Petitions seek 'right-to-work' in Ohio / Michigan passes 'right-to-work' legislation
Cleveland PD / 'Right-to-work' would face public fight