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Cleveland PD / Kasich signs SB 5 / 10 things to know about SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich signs bill, fight isn't over
Akron BJ / Local safety forces join to repeal law
Dayton DN's / Bill details teacher evaluation plan
Dayton DN's / Bargaining amendment "fundamentally rigged"
Dayton DN's / Ohio police, fire decry CB limits
Ohio Channel video on SB 5 / March 30, 2011

Link to SB 5 Senate Debate Part 1

Link to SB 5 Senate Debate Part 2

 Link to SB 5 House Debate

 Link to SB 5 signing by Governor Kasich
Marion Star / Union law expected to influence races
Toledo Blade / Voters get choice on public contracts
Cleveland PD / Ohio's SB 5 will bring dramatic changes
Cleveland PD / Conservative group denies allegations
LA Times / More back unions than GOP governors
Columbus Dispatch / Opponents of SB 5 fill Kasich's mailbox
Columbus Dispatch / Public speaks to Kasich
Dayton DN's / Combs charts bipartisan course in polarized house
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 opponents move swiftly
AP / Cleveland rally assails Kasich and SB 5
AP / Ohio union law could save state $191 million
Toledo Blade / Repeal efforts ramp up
Cleveland PD Video / Labor protest SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Unions want members to pay
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 savings not a sure thing
Akron BJ / Union backers express anger
WOSU / COTR - Panel discusses SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 supporters slow to organize
Cincinnati Enquirer / Courage on pensions
Cincinnati Enquirer / Police may avoid hourly surcharge
Cincinnati Enquirer / Seitz stripped of chairmanship
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich may put parts of SB 5 in budget
Marion Star / Mayor asks unions, staff for concessions
Dayton DN's / Changes could save schools $229 million
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich: A history lesson
Toledo Blade / Taylor touts reform plan in Toledo
Marion Star / Prison employees to get layoff notices
Akron BJ / Unions gear up for Ohio fight
NBC 4 / SB 5 takes first step toward repeal
WBNS 10TV / Rally at the statehouse
Marion Star / Police will not accept additional concessions
Columbus Dispatch / End around on SB 5?
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich staff earns less, by .5%
Cleveland PD / Schools cutting perks to administrators
Cleveland PD / Lawmakers unlikely to cut their own pay
Columbus Dispatch / GOP Senator moves out of shared condo
Toledo Blade / SB 5 debate hinges on help, harm to middle class
Bloomberg / Wisconsin judge throws out labor law challenge
Cleveland PD / Rep. Kucinich attacks Gov. Walker at hearing
Columbus Dispatch / Governor says time will show he is right
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 opponents can collect signatures
Dayton DN's / Police, firefighters provide strong image 
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 likely to swing voting
Dayton DN's / Public workers fare better in benefits
Columbus Dispatch / Delaware ends pension pick-up
Marion Star / 5 Officers, 2 Dispatchers get lay off notices
AP / Labor group raises $800,000 as SB 5 fight intensifies
Columbus Dispatch / State workers get letter extolling SB 5
Toledo Blade / SB 5 repeal petitions out Saturday
Cleveland PD / Merit pay system will be the first of its kind
Washington Post / For union families, a loss of value
Columbus Dispatch / Ohio's pension systems not the worst
Columbus Dispatch / Governor hints legislators deserve raise
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich blast Obama for SB 5 comments
Dayton DN's / Teachers taking early retirement in Springboro
Columbus Dispatch / Teachers ask or ideas on merit pay
Dayton DN's / Kettering teachers approve contract 
Columbus Dispatch / House GOP revises budget
Toledo Blade / Budget-bill breakouts
Boston Globe / House votes to restrict unions
New York Times /  Public pensions face cuts
Akron BJ / A budget plan that makes matters worse
Cleveland PD / Changes big and small to Kasich budget
Columbus Dispatch / Sale of prisons "insane"
Columbus Dispatch / GOP looks at more budget changes
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich lauds public workers
NBC 4 Video / Budget protest at the Statehouse
Toledo Blade / Ohio House passes budget
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich questions Capital's security
Cleveland PD / Retiring school workers paid $5 million
Cleveland PD / Safety forces decry bargaining law
Marion Star / Opposition working to repeal SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / FOP retracts support of Jones
The Chronicle / Prisons' sale would mean more calls
Toledo Blade / Mayor ends forced police concessions
Columbus Dispatch / Judge tells staff to quit FOP
Columbus Dispatch / Poll shows SB 5 may be repealed
Toledo Blade / Officials push repeal of SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Officials plead for budget mercy
AP / Ohio teasurer declines to weigh-in on SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / GOP operative will lead defense
Columbus Dispatch / Judge budges on staff in FOP Lodge
Columbus Dispatch / DROP makes way for advancement 
WOSU Video / Majority oppose SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Sen. Stewart to step down
Toledo Blade / Ex-school chief to get $552,650 
Columbus Dispatch / Dublin teachers return raises
LA Times / Wisconsin judge throws out union law
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 wasn't a factor for Stewart
Toledo Blade / SB 5 defenders gear up
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 rancor not visible in visit
Columbus Dispatch / Defenders of SB 5 organize
Dayton DN's / Police, fire at lowest staffing in 50 years
Dayton DN's / Debate on merit pay continues
Columbus Dispatch / Union concessions save $9.6 million
Toledo Blade / Brown signs SB 5 petition
Columbus Dispatch /Seniority hobbles best staffing decisions
Toledo Blade / Bikers plan to ride against SB 5
Toledo Blade / Senate plans to cut lawmakers pay
Columbus Dispatch / Dispatchers get raises
Sacramento Bee / Budget cuts put pressure on police, fire
Sacramento Bee / Brown eliminates nearly 30,000 phones
Columbus Dispatch / Budget bill goes to reconciliation
AP / Christie makes pension deal in New Jersey
Marion Star / Labor reps oppose SB 5
Cleveland PD / OTP to lay off 22 toll collectors
Middletown Journal / Disgraced workers cashing in
Dayton DN's / Disability pension rules need reform
Columbus Dispatch / Petition signatures  exceed 700,000 / Christie reaches pension reform deal Video / Union leader compares Christie to Hitler
Bloomberg / New Jersey public workers rally
Cleveland PD / Teachers rush to sign contracts
Columbus Dispatch / Pension review seen as useless / NJ Senate approves health, pension reforms
AP / Controller halts pay for California lawmakers
Columbus Dispatch / Senate voting on pension review
Toledo Blade / Husted says referndum cannot be split
Columbus Dispatch / Merit pay expected to be in budget
Columbus Dispatch / Multiple choice on SB 5 ballot?
NY Times / Public unions take on boss for big pensions
Columbus Dispatch / Opponents of SB 5 ready to file
AP / Post Office suspends retirement contributions
WBNS Video / Officials downplay SB 5 split
ONN Video / CPD Cadets graduate, then get fired
NJ.Com / Christie calls pension overhaul biggest victory

Sacramento Bee / 6 Figure pensions for many school heads
Columbus Dispatch / Public employees retiring in masse
Toledo Blade / Fact finder urges pay cut for TPS teachers
AP / Lifeguards get pension cut after pay outcry
Columbus Dispatch / Outside review of pensions closer
WBNS Video / SB 5 petitions delivered
Cleveland PD / Laid off cadets ready for others to recruit
Columbus Dispatch / 1.3 million signatures delivered
AP / Minnesota Government could shut down
Columbus Dispatch / Pension plans predictions' "reasonable"
Cincinnati Enquirer / Retirees file suite over new rules
Cleveland PD / 1.3 million Ohioans sign petitions
WOSU Video / 1.3 million sign SB 5 referendum petitions
Dayton DN's / Pension pick-up standard for superintendents
AP / New Jersey paves the way for tightening benefits
Gannet / Obamacare, SB 5 issues likely to stand out on ballot
LA Times / Doctor gets paid $777,00 for doing little or nothing
Columbus Dispatch / Teacher gets last "last-chance" agreement
Columbus Dispatch / Teens need to learn CPR to get license
Columbus Dispatch / Teachers to design merit pay system
Cleveland PD / Gingrich endorses SB 5
Dayton DN's / Superintendent retires, gets rehired
Cleveland PD / Five laid-off officers called back
Columbus Dispatch / "Last Chance" often a misnomer
Cleveland PD /  Jackson pushes for teacher evaluation system
Columbus Dispatch / "Scheduling conflict" keeps Kasich away
Columbus Dispatch / Count on SB 5 being on the ballot
Dayton DN's / Xenia must pay $100K to 9 firefighters
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 foes say petition drive made it
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich speaks to fire chiefs about SB 5
Toledo Blade / Oregon teachers OK pay cuts
Columbus Dispatch / Half of voters disapprove of governor
Dayton DN's / Cincinnati Chamber backs SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 referendum approved for ballot
Columbus Dispatch / Public workers retiring in droves
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 outlook looks grim in latest poll
AP / Union leader charged with stealing $750,000
Akron BJ / Fact-finder says no raises for union / Donations to legislators  halted before pension reform
Cleveland PD / Fitzgerald takes hard line on wage freeze
Columbus Dispatch / Pension remark requires history lesson
WOSU Video / Ohioans dislike Kasich, SB 5
Marion Star /Government jobs decline, private jobs increase
Columbus Dispatch / Hearing on SB 5 language scheduled / Christie hospitalized
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 will be Issue 2 on ballot
Toledo Blade / Burns must give TPS his pension 
Columbus Dispatch / Kasich receives surprise support
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 petitioners raise $7 million
Dayton DN's / Martin involved in earlier incidents
Columbus Dispatch / Confident they can defend SB 5
Cincinnati Enquirer / Frey case, everybody dropped the ball
Dayton DN's / Cleveland group supports SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / SB 5 foes get "no" for ballot
Columbus Dispatch / Husted plays it straight on SB 5
Cleveland PD / Business group backs SB 5
Columbus Dispatch / Teachers suing union over use of fees
NBC 4 Video / The Spectrum, discussion on SB 5
Dayton DN's / Pension finances free of market crisis for now
Columbus Dispatch / Anti-SB 5 forces no desire to bargain
Dayton DN's / Pension reform in limbo
AP / Wisconsin Democrats return to Plan B
LA News 10 Video / Comparing public to private pensions
Columbus Dispatch / No deal on SB 5
Cincinnati Enquirer / Double dippers in Hamilton County
Columbus Dispatch / Wehrkamp joins SB 5 defense
Dayton DN's / Kasich ask for SB 5 meeting
Columbus Dispatch / Clock ticking,  SB 5 deal pushed
NBC 4 Video / GOP stages meeting with unions
Cleveland PD / Gearing up for an intense fight on SB 5 / Want to talk? Repeal SB 5
Dayton DN's / Union leaders snub meeting
AP / Military pensions under attack
Dispatch Podcast / Empty Chairs / Union leaders absent from SB 5 negotiation / SERB deserves some of the blame / Kasich, SB 5 less unpopular
NY Times / Walker, Kasich change their tones / SB 5 war will showcase public workers / Vinton County Sheriff to retire
WBNS 10TV / Mt. Sterling loses police, and mayor / Dohoney: Unions, you pay your bosses
Cleveland PD / Niehaus says no deal  coming on SB 5 / Board Ok's SB 5 arguements
Bill Cunningham interviews Senate President Tom Niehaus about SB 5
WOSU Video / What is next for SB 5? / Pro SB 5 campaign has work cut out
Cleveland PD / Teachers skip school to avoid retirement penalties / Sheriff would have to lay off 143 deputies / Taxpayers fund private sector retirements
Toledo Blade / Mayor Bell looks to impose contract
Cleveland PD / State workers salaries on website / Clergy group urges "No" vote on Issue 2