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Toledo Blade / Firefighters preview adds against SB 5
Toledo Blade / Union rejects factfinders report
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Toledo Blade / Firefighters disheartened by Mayor Bell / SB 5 Battle: Why it's so important / Whats a school CEO worth?
Cleveland PD / Beth Hansen to work on SB 5 campaign
Toledo Blade / Mayor Bell to appear in Pro-SB 5 Ad
September, 2011 / Defeat of SB 5 could embolden unions Raises approved for Senate staff members
USA Today / Changes in retirement worries troops
Cleveland PD / Senate staffers get pay raises / Kasich pens SB 5 donation letter
News-Herald / Issue 2 ad divides Mayor and Firefighters
WOSU Video / SB 5 backers fire back / Council split on police lay-offs
Toledo Blade / Anti-SB 5 rally at UT / City unions mixed on paying bosses / Second anti-SB 5 ad to air Wednesday
Toledo Blade / Labor law takes center stage
Toledo Blade / Union appeal spurned / Summary report of state pension changes in U.S. / Public compensation better than private / On SB 5, which study do you believe?
Dayton DN's / Public employee political activity limited / GOP ad focuses on positive parts of SB 5 / Leis to retire after 24 years as sheriff
Toledo Blade / Pension leads chief to early exit
Toledo Blade / Diggs to be Toledo's top officer
Cleveland PD / Pro SB 5 group shields donors / State agencies continue to shrink
Dayton DN's / Stakes high in SB 5 battle
Toledo Blade / SB 5 backers defend Bell add
Dayton DN's / Workers fear pay cuts
Dayton DN's / SB 5 impact varies by city
American PB / It pays to exempt public safety
Dayton DN's / SB 5 impact on public safety will vary / Ex-officer gets disability pay for depression / Ex-Union boss pleads guilty
Toledo Blade / BGSU linked to SB 5 / SB 5 debate prompts talk of "fairness"
Dayton DN's / OSU officers earn more in overtime / CSU teachers go on strike / Statewide ballots often unsuccessful / Doing the math on SB 5
Dayton DN's / Kasich, SB 5 numbers inch up
Toledo Blade / Lucas County to cut sick leave payouts
Dayton DN's / Postal workers protest benefit cuts
Bloomberg / Pension suit dismissed / Ad likens SB 5 to Jim Crowe / SB 5 gets a boost, polls tighten
Toledo Blade / Poll says SB 5 would lose / Plan given OK to curb double-dipping
Cleveland PD / Election law referendum may be on ballot
WTAP 5 / Belpre mayor speaks out against Issue 2 / Anti-SB 5 group sees Statehouse hypocrisy / Protesters greet Kasich's defense of SB 5
Cleveland PD / Database shows pay, of SB 5 supporters
USA Today / Army is behind in granting medical retirements
USA Today / Federal pension plans costly
Toledo Blade / Kasich rallies Issue 2 supporters / Interview with RI Auditor Gina Raimondo
Toledo Blade / Issue 2 fight shifts to cost of benefits / Campaign against SB 5 starts next week / Anti-SB 5 coalition kicks off today / Outside group supporting SB 5
Marion Star / OCSEA pickets NCCI
Cleveland PD / Politics or paychecks?
Lancaster Gazette / Passionate debate on Issue 2 at OU-L
October, 2011
Dayton DN's / Teachers rally against Issue 2
Toledo Blade / 10 years of public employee grievances
Toledo Blade / Nearby cities post less grievances
Dayton DN's / Union backed groups spend more on SB 5 ads
WOSU Video / SB 5's impact on health insurance / SB 5 removes supervisors from union
Cleveland PD / Does SB 5 make it harder on nurses?
Toledo Blade / More for pensions and health care
Toledo Blade / Employees fear loss of public safety
Toledo Blade / Kasich gives little time to Issue 2 / Firefighter contract freezes wages to 2014 / Controversy over Issue 2 add
Marion Star / Retired employees urge "no" vote on Issue 2 / Stations pull adds on Issue 2 / Podcast - "Grannygate"
Cleveland PD / 2 Mayors urge "no" vote on Issue 2
Cleveland PD / Issue 2 supporters now targeting Obama
Toledo Blade / Issue 2 stance pushed in briefings / Backers, opponents debate SB 5
Toledo Blade / What is a pension pick-up?
Toledo Blade / Retirement perks in city contracts
Cleveland PD / Everything you need to know about SB 5 / Is SB 5 good for Ohio? / Workers in Virginia can't negotiate contracts / Public, private compensation in same ballpark / Public jobs come with perks / SB 5 opponents detail union concessions / Issue 2 would give management more say / Former officials weigh in on Issue 2
Toledo Blade / SB 5 differences aired in Cleveland debate
Toledo Blade / Teachers protest Issue 2
Cleveland PD / Detail public worker concessions / Local officials key to SB 5 savings
WOSU Video / SB 5 and the grandmother ad / Dueling reports on Issue 2
Toledo Blade / Clergy weigh in on Issue 2 / Sweeping pension changes in Rhode Island
Marion star / Firefighter: Issue 2 is about power
AP / Lawmakers open to changing military benefits
Cleveland PD / Kucinich wrapped for  message on Issue 2
WLW Video / Bill Cunningham says "No" on Issue 2
Toledo Blade / Retirement payouts add to cash woes / Kasich rallies Issue 2 supporters / Romney to help push Issue 2 / Poll says voters still sour on Issue 2 / Romney sidesteps Issue 2
WOSU / Issue 2 campaign enters final two weeks
NBC 4  Video / Opponents square off on Issue 2 / Issue 2 debate sticks to script / Issue 2 debate sticks to script / Issue 2 sinking
Cleveland PD / 25 point lead for Issue 2 for opponents is huge
Marion Star / Issue 2 does not impact retirement pay / Veterans duel over SB 5 / Unions spend big on Issue 2
Washington Post / New York pension fraud hits railroad
Cleveland PD / Romney leaves Ohio with unwanted souvenir / Absentee voting breaking records / DGA gives $150,000 to Issue 2 fight / There's no clear path if voters reject SB 5
Marion Star / Union membership rules change with Issue 2
Toledo Blade / Issue 2 foes say  staffing levels at stake
Toledo Blade / Activist says "No" on Issue 2
Dayton DN's / Issue 2 will resound nationally, expert says
Toledo Blade / Issue 2 fans, foes duel over fine print / Occupy Columbus to hold SB 5 forum / Occupy Columbus to hold SB 5 forum
P & I / Weiss leaving OSHPRS / Kasich: Issue 2 fuss helped get budget passed / Protesters fire up Issue 2 rally
Toledo Blade / Kaptur at union rally against Issue 2
Toledo Blade / Perrysburg council supports Issue 2
Toledo 13 Video / Occupy Toledo protesters arrested / Firefighters want stability in contract
Dayton DN's / Businesses help fund Issue 2 battle
Toledo Blade / Jackson stands against Issue 2
November, 2011
AP / Public paychecks scrutinized in Ohio union fight / Issue 2 foes lack identity
Cleveland PD / Kasich continues push to pass Issue 2 / If rejected, parts of  SB 5 might rise again / 2 sides to Issue 2 / Columbus may have $31.8 million surplus / Money rains, rallies rock in Issue 2 slugfest
Lancaster Gazette / Deputies finalize contract
Newark Advocate / Minimum fire staffing nixed / Kasich looks ahead past SB 5
Mansfield News-Journal / Kasich: Issue 2 a "jobs" issue
Cleveland PD / Palin supports Issue 2, Glenn says vote "No" / Issue 2: For or against?
Cleveland PD / Finger pointing on Issue 2
Toledo Blade / Issue 2 puts Ohio back in the spotlight
LA Times / Voters look to dump anti-union law in Ohio
LA Times / California lawmakers dine on tax payers dime / Issue 2 campaigns still hot in final days
Dayton DN's / Issue 2 will shape 2012 election
AP / Issue 2 could impact school levy votes / Voter turnout looks good / Columbus firefighters approve contract
Dayton DN's / Ohio Poll: Issue 2 losing; Issue 3 winning
Toledo Blade / Issue 2 expected to increase turnout
Toledo Blade / Kasich accepts defeat of Issue 2
Cleveland PD / SB 5 is dead; issues remain
Cleveland PD / SB 5 repeal sets the table for Obama / Democrats respond to SB 5 repeal / For some, Issue 2 was personal
USA Today / Voters reject GOP-backed union limits / Unions get revenge as Issue 2 fails
WSJ / Ohio voters reject public union limits / Senator Seitz's words prophetic / Senator Jones: "We need to do something"
NY Times / Voters reject many GOP sponsored measures
Cleveland PD / Ohio voters send mixed signals
Dayton DN's / Most Ohio counties rejected Issue 2
Toledo Blade / Voters cast ballots of discontent
Cleveland PD / Right-to-Work may be headed to the ballot
Cleveland PD / Democrats propose  ban on SB 5 legislation / Kasich's history shows he can rebound
Cleveland PD / Kasich ponders the road ahead
Toledo Blade / SB 5 fight on hold for now / Will SB 5 resonate into 2012 / Issue 2 played a role in Zanesville election?
Dayton DN's / Locals faring well with no passage of SB 5
AP / Public workers get boost from sick time payouts / No SB 5? Local governments shrug
WOSU Video / Post election night discussion
WPRI Video / Rhode Island public  pension reform update
Cleveland PD / SB 5 vote a victory for middle class / Kasich looks ahead after defeat of Issue 2 / Pension oversight director to retire / OCSEA agrees on union contract extension / Consultant hired to study pension plans / Union deal may set the tone 
WOSU Video / SB 5 is dead but the debate continues
Cleveland PD / Loomis voted out as union president
Cleveland PD / Mayor declines comment on pay scandal
The Bond Buyer / Pension reform in RI could start a trend
Cleveland PD / OSP sees major spike in drug arrests / Union deal will cost $21 million
Reuters / Showdowns loom in California over public pensions
John Celock / Lawmakers urged to look at hybrid pensions
December, 2011
Marion Star / Police, firefighter layoffs looming / Delaware Sheriff warned to pare budget Video / Gov. Brown's pension reform under fire
Cleveland PD / Kasich happy with accomplishments / Firefighters will use fingerprint timeclock
Dayton DN's / House Bill would ban "double dipping" 
NBC 4 / Layoffs will cause longer response times
Marion Star / Police layoffs coming, firefighters spared / Police overtime raises questions
USA Today / States expand lucrative pensions to more jobs
USA Today Video / Calculating pensions for state legislators / Deep cuts for Marion safety forces
AP / Public retirement ages under greater scrutiny
Cleveland PD / Get through the smoke on CFD pay scandal
Cleveland PD / Firefighters overpaid while duty military 
Marion Star / Damschroder introduces "no double dipping" bill
Marion Star / Police plead to council to avoid layoffs / Pension panel appoints interim director / OCSEA approves contract extension
Marion Star / City hopes to avoid fiscal emergency
NBC 4 Video / Marion prepares for police layoffs
Cleveland PD / City wants doctor excuse from firefighters / SB 5 opponents raised $42.2 million
Marion Star / State raises frustrate local officials / Some SB 5 funds donated to charity
NY Times / Cuts for the already retired
Cleveland PD / Kasich looks ahead to 2012
Akron BJ / Governor as a salesman
USA Today / Public workers' perk hits taxpayers
USA Today / States trying to fix "airtime" miscalculations / SB 5 a top 10 blunder / Principals' raises resented / Sheriff applies for his pension / Double-Dipping retirees eyed by Jerry Brown