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* TTT provides a variety of editorial pieces for the commentary section, expressing the view 
of the authors cited but not necessarily the views of those on our Editorial Board. 
Jerome Schindler / Mayor, City Council, other politicos should wear discarded body cameras
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Dispatch Letters / Should Chief Justice Maureen O'Conner be impeached for not tolerating "politically motivated hacks"
Dispatch / "The Death Penalty is an afront to our ideals as an evolving society," Senators say
Theodore Decker / Gun Violence: Disparities in sentencing, some get months, others years
Theodore Decker / Joe Blystone decides to make Gov. DeWine look...tough?
Lima News / Lt. Alec Coil talks about the Lima Service Initiative
Thomas Suddes / Lawmakers need to focus on gun violence and the pricey part of House Bill 6
Toledo Blade / Ohio's public pension funds need scrutiny
Toledo Blade / Pension bailouts land on taxpayers
Theodore Decker / How a Dispatch reporters trip to the BMV could save Ohioans $3 million.