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Morning Journal / Officers should welcome the use of body cameras
Theodore Decker / When times demand a leader that will take charge, the mayor ducks and dodges
Captain Howard Rahtz, Retired Cincinnati PD / Leaders must do something about gun violence
Gary Wolske / FOP President says lawmakers are ignoring the concerns of police and gun safety
Alan Dershowitz / The dangerous trend behind Officer Kim Potter's conviction
Tiffany Wright / Opinion: What are the origins of "Qualified Immunity"  
Marc Thiessen / "Defund the Police" runs into reality in San Francisco 
Rex Scism / Employee morale will continue to be a challenge for law enforcement leaders
Jack D'Aurora / Guns make America more dangerous than war zones
Pastor Susan Smith / Many police officers view Black people as the enemy 
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Doug Rogers  / Bill would allow unqualified gun owners to "carry concealed" as LE and safety groups oppose legislation
Dean Rieck /  Gun Rights Group Director: "Permitless" concealed carry is right for Ohio