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* TTT provides a variety of editorial pieces for the commentary section, expressing the view 
of the authors cited but not necessarily the views of those on our Editorial Board. 
Thomas Suddes / Among Statehouse family fight, power is the prize
Amelia Robinson / Radical Ohio lawmakers refuse to side with Ohioans on guns
Thomas Suddes / Ohio lawmakers can kill legal marijuana even if voters approve Issue 2
Jeff Wenninger / Blendon Township police shooting shows incompetent 'potentially criminal' acts. 
Thomas Suddes / It's amazing, Householder takes all the heat for the House Bill 6 scandal
Brian Steel / Racism claims in the death of Ta'Kiya Young is not logical and irresponsible
Terry Gilbert / The only person to blame for the death of Ta'Kiya Young is the police officer 
Dwayne Jackson /  Troopers are 'effectively and efficiently trained' to resolve contentious situations
Pete Wilson, Jackson Telegram / An angel received her wings last Sunday
Thomas Suddes /  Ohio's death penalty may end with help of 'Ironclad Conservative'