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* TTT provides a variety of editorial pieces for the commentary section, expressing the view 
of the authors cited but not necessarily the views of those on our Editorial Board. 
Thomas Suddes /  Ohio's death penalty may end with help of 'Ironclad Conservative'
Dakota Rudesill / Police, judges, soldiers are expected to dress professionally, why not Congress?
Bob Osborn / Teacher says STRS has put teachers on an "emotional rollercoaster" 
Jack D'Aurora / You understand why gun violence must be stopped.  Why doesn't the Supreme Court?
Thomas Suddes / GOP lawmakers telling Ohioans to 'pound salt' with proposed Issue 2 changes
WFIN / Prosecutor says troopers who ended chase are heroes 
Rob Chadwick / Study shows crime has decreased with concealed carry legislation 
Ray Grogan / There would be no justice in a retrial of Jason Meade
Thomas Suddes / It will be a Huffman - Stephens 'battle for the gavel' in the 2025 Ohio House
Steve Huffman / Leftist writer wrong to question what Ohio lawmakers do for salaries
Thomas Suddes / Householder is the 'Comeback Kid', don't think he can't do it again