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* TTT provides a variety of editorial pieces for the commentary section, expressing the view 
of the authors cited but not necessarily the views of those on our Editorial Board. 
Thomas Suddes / Householder is the 'Comeback Kid', don't think he can't do it again 
Thomas Suddes / Scandal after Statehouse scandal has jaded Ohio voters
President Ted Carter OSU / "What occured on our campus was not about limiting free speech"
Thomas Suddes / ' Everyone for themselves' is rallying cry for Ohio GOP at the Statehouse
Steven Click / Looking out for first responders 
Zachary Christensen / Ohio teachers' pension reform should not be a 'sleight of hand' costing taxpayers
Thomas Suddes / It's a dysfunctional  'Political Clown Show' at the Statehouse 
Treasurer Robert Sprague; 'OSU President Ted Carter displayed leadership during campus protests'