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* TTT provides a variety of editorial pieces for the commentary section, expressing the view 
of the authors cited but not necessarily the views of those on our Editorial Board. 
Stu Harris / Maureen O'Conner courageous and principled despite ire of "friends"
Thomas Suddes / Many senior House Republicans went with Stephens for Speaker
Thomas Suddes / Using "whips and chairs" can Jason Stephens keep control of the OHR?
Dispatch / Ohio can't afford to be No. 1 in corruption
Thomas Suddes / Let the GOP House donnybrook begin
Thomas Suddes / Ohioans will pay for the tab on legislatures 3-act budget
Thomas Suddes / Statehouse term limits are not working, heres why 
Thomas Suddes / Democrats hope you have amnesia when it comes to their votes for Householder