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HELP US HELP THE PATROL!  State Troopers of Ohio Inc. will be actively seeking the support of the Ohio General Assembly and others in Ohio government leadership to support the active and retired ranks of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  We are seeking a $5 per month reoccurring commitment from our retired uniform ranks through the OSHPRS to support our efforts.  One-time contributions are also welcome from any of our supporters. Supporters will receive an STO vehicle decal, pictured left.  Thanks for supporting the STO! 
Contribution forms for the SHPFCU (Red) and the OSHPRS (Blue) can be opened below
The purposes for which the corporation is organized are to promote the social welfare within the meaning of section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code, including but not limited to: 

(1) developing and advocating for legislation, regulations, and government programs to establish and maintain a permanent funding source to fully staff, train, and equip members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol as authorized by statute or needed to effectively enforce the powers and duties of Section 5503.02 of the Ohio Revised Code;

(2) to assist with the education, training, health, and welfare of active and retired members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

March 8th - Thanks to Retiree Mike Arnett and our Zanesville Retirees for a great turnout at the Zanesville Cracker Barrel on March 8th. After introducing the STO, 100% of our OSHPRS members in attendance contributed to our efforts. THANK YOU! 
Board of Directors

Executive Director
Thomas Rice
Asst. Executive Director 
Butch Collins 
Jim Spurrier - Treasurer
Brenda Collins - Secretary
Warren Davies
Ken Marshall
Ken Morckel
Paul McClellan
John Born
Paul Pride
Rick Fambro
Tom Charles EOW 1/23/2024
Rob Hartsell
Bob Booker
Darryl Anderson
Charlie Linek 
Bill Swank - Consultant
March 12th - We enjoyed a great morning with a few Post 70 Retirees at Paul Revere's Restaurant in Lexington on March 12th.  Everyone in attendance signed on to support the STO.  Thanks Fellas!
March 23rd - We enjoyed our visit with the Post 71 & 73 Retiree's at the Bob Evans at Consumer Square in Chillicothe on March 23rd. Thanks to all who attended and signed on to support the STO. 
March 25th - Thank You D-5 Den Retirees for inviting us to visit your monthly breakfast gathering at the Lincoln Square V Restaurant in Troy on March 25th. And Thank You for your support. Thanks to all who attended and signed on to support the STO. 
Click on the photo above to view 
"An Abbreviated History of the State Troopers of Ohio" Video. 
March 26th - Thanks to our many supporters at the 2022 Snowbird Reunion.
April 5th - Thanks to our many District 3 supporters at the Green Leaf Restaurant, even had a few D-2 retirees show up! 
April 12th - A great gathering at the Cornerstone Inn, Beverly Ohio.  A lot of good questions about the STO by our retirees and the Cornerstone Inn Staff took excellent care of all of us! 
April 21st - We had a special guest at the Eastside Breakfast in Pickerington, OSP Retiree and State Representative Kevin Miller!  Thank you Kevin for joining us and supporting our efforts! 
May 3rd - Colonel Tom, Colonel Paul, and Lt. Colonel Rob made the trip to Studebakers on Troy Road, spending a couple of hours with some of our Springfield Retirees. Thanks to these fellas for supporting our active ranks and the STO! 
May 13th, 2022 - 
Visiting with our Findlay District friends at the Wildcat Cafe in Vanlue. Thanks to retirees and breakfast coordinators Don Fleck, Roger Emnett, Ken Walerius, and retired Carey Police Chief Dennis Yingling for the invitation. Another great day of support for the STO!
May 21st, 2022 - Our newest STO Patrons - District 4 Retiree's Breakfast - Wayside Family Restaurant 
Attending with Colonel Ken Marshall; Jeff Ruddles, Jeff Fisher, Ralph Kays, Larry Skaggs, Carl Cardinal, Doug Braund, Chuck Veppert, John Morgan, Mike Cerimeli, Larry Pasko, Dan Stockdale, Paul Andrews, & Phil Wenner
Retired Colonel Tom Rice addresses our newest troopers from the 172nd Academy Class prior to their graduation ceremony on November 17th. Colonel Rice addressed the cadets on November 15th, the 90th Anniversary of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. 
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