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The 90th Anniversary History Book 'The History of Service with a Purpose' IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDERING! CLICK THE PHOTO TO LINK TO THE AUXILIARY STORE! 
What is the OSP Benefit Fund?  

Every year, our Troopers are asked to make their annual $15.00 contribution to the "Benefit Fund." The Benefit Fund was created years ago to provide troopers, uniform retirees, and their families immediate help as the result of  a death or injury to the trooper or family member.  

Do you know the benefits to the benefit fund?  Is your beneficiary designation current? 

 Click open this PDF to find out.
Butch & Brenda Collins made an early morning trip to the Lima Retirees breakfast, providing updates on STO accomplishments and other matters impacting the Patrol. From the left: Butch & Brenda Collins, Russ & Judy Bennett, Kelli Jackson, Ottawa PD Retiree Rodney Sutter, and Jim & Debra Smelser. We will be at the Wooster Breakfast on Tuesday, the East Side Pickerington Breakfast on Thursday and the Mansfield Breakfast on Saturday (2/10). Thanks to these retirees and the many others supporting our efforts: State Troopers of Ohio Inc.
STO Board Members Rob Hartsell with Butch & Brenda Collins visited our District 3 Patrons at the Green Leaf Restaurant in Wooster on Tuesday, February 6th.  From the left seated: Ed Bowman, Joe Arthur, Judy Smith, Larry Davis, Bill Healy, Butch Collins.  Standing: Brenda Collins, Jim Chapman, Larry Meredith, Jim Roth, Ray Smith, J.P. Allen, Harv Callahan, Jim Debevec, Rob Hartsell, Lee Dehoff, and Dale Larue. Left before the photo: Matt Witmer and Eric Sheppard.  Thanks to these retirees and the many others supporting our efforts: State Troopers of Ohio Inc.
STO Board Members Rob Hartsell, Butch Collins, and Paul Pride visited our "East Side" Patrons at the Scramblers Restaurant in Pickerington on Thursday, February 8th.  From the left: Art Wilson, Don Goodman, Jeff May, Roger Landis, Bob Myers, and Rob Hartsell.  Seated in front:Butch Collins and Paul Pride. 

Thanks to these retirees and the many others supporting our efforts: State Troopers of Ohio Inc.
STO Board Memebers Butch & Brenda Collins made the trip to the Wildcat Cafe in Vanlue for the monthly Findlay Retiree's Breakfast.  Joining us on February 15th: Tim Stockman, Bob Foust, Brian Cupp, Larry Hetrick, Will Sturgill, Ken Walerius, and Tom Romaker.  We will be providing a schedule for our visits in March.  Thanks to all of our retired and active Patrons who are supporting the State Troopers of Ohio Inc. 
We had a great visit with a our District 5 Retirees at the Lincoln Square V Restaurant in Troy, discussing the many issues facing our active and retired ranks. Thanks to our District 5 Friends Chuck Wright, Dan Dickerson, Bob Syckes, Jerry Miller, Kyle Albright, Bruce Ruese, John Procuniar, and active Communication Manager Dane Mowen for hosting us.  We hope to see many more of our members at the Retirees Cookout on June 21st! 
Retirees' Association President Bob Booker and State Troopers of Ohio Director Tom Rice have a moment of fun, posing with their recently acquired 'Stetson Club' polos at the 2024 Retiree's Cookout at the Academy.  Stetson Club members have pledged to contribute an additional $1.00 per day throughout the year in support of our lobbying efforts at the Ohio Statehouse.  Thanks to our 30 Stetson Club members and thanks for the support from all of our STO Patrons, over 500 strong. 
Thank you retired Major Lisa Taylor for proudly displaying your STO support and patronage in your flower garden!  Your Facebook neighbors have taken notice!
WLWT 5 / Video: Driver nearly hits trooper swerving to avoid rear end collision with semi
WSYX 6 / Officers heard on body cameras blasting Short North violence, mayor says its safe
Cleveland 19 Video / Chief Dorothy Todd speaks at Officer Jamieson  Ritter's memorial service
Cleveland News 5 / "Don't lump us in" Ohio police reject GOP's pension overhaul plan for STRS
WHIO 7 / Driver stopped for 114 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, arrested for OVI
WKRC 12 / Ohio DPS hopes to make it easier to recruit new police officers 
WSYX 6 / Columbus Police Academy graduates 40 cadets from the 144th recruit class
WCMH 4 / Brothers remember mother, teacher who died during carjacking trying to save her son
WTVG 13 / State Troopers chase fleeing vehicle in Wood County, suspect apprehended 6 hours later
Cleveland News 5 / East Cleveland asking for help from the National Guard, Troopers will help instead
Master Troopers - Findlay District 
WKTN 95.3 / OSP introduces 'Master Trooper' program, Findlay Troopers recognized