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Movie Star Dale L LaRue celebrates 25 years of celebrity status when he made his motion picture debut in Shawshank Redemption, filmed at the Old Mansfield Reformatory. Dale won several awards for his performance including "Best Dressed Guard", "Best Dressed Guard holding a Rock Hammer", and "Only Guard to still have dry underwear while filming this scene". Congratulations Dale!

DELAWARE, Ohio — An Ohio State Highway Patrol sergeant saved a child’s life after he couldn’t breathe and was choking on a chicken nugget. The child’s mother is now speaking out and is sending a message to the trooper.
WSYX / State Trooper saves child from choking on chicken nugget
Dispatch / Gun-control progress, tardy and tentative, nonetheless welcome
WBNS  10 / Dayton shooter's friend remains in jail
WBNS 10 / Franklin County is one of top two for commercial vehicle crashes
Ashland Source / Retired Ashland trooper immortalized in Shawshank history
WBNS 10 / Tennessee inmate executed in electric chair for 1986 murders
Fox 19 / Trooper involved shooting in Middletown
Dispatch / DeWine says no to fentynal for executions
Dispatch / Taking license plate off the front is backward
Dayton DN's / Middletown shooting is 7th in Butler County in last 5 years