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Retirees' Association Members and STO Patrons,

Effective communication is critical to the success of any public service group. The Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirement System Online Directory is absolutely critical to the success of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association and the State Troopers of Ohio, Inc. You were recently mailed a release form to allow the continuance of your contact information to be published on this password protected directory. Please take the time to complete this form and return it by mail to the OSHPRS.  

Colonel Richard Collins, Retired
Website Manager / Memberships
Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association

“It’s the rewarding feeling of being able to help. You’re talking to people on what could be their worst day ever and just providing them some help or sense of relief,” - Dispatcher Supervisor Jen Moran
Times-Leader / Ohio State Patrol needs to hire more dispatchers 
​Michigan State Trooper Anna Humes Goerbig was seriously injured on December 23rd when she was sruck by a speeding driver while outside of her patrol car investigating a crash. Trooper Goerbig is a personal friend of retired S/Lieutenant Ron Thompson, 62nd Academy Class. S/Lt. Thompson is asking our retirees and actives to send Anna a card of encouragement while she recovers from her very serious injuries.  Link to for more information.  

OHIO STATEHOUSE 12/15/2022 - Early this morning, the 134th General Assembly proposed and adopted language to increase pay ranges for certain exempt employees. This codified language will provide framework the Division can build upon. While this is a start, it is not the finish line. Much more work will continue to occur until we reach our goals. 

As your Superintendent, I want you to know my Office, the Senior Staff and our Department of Public Safety Leadership will continue to lead the charge. This pay range reassignment is a positive step in the right direction, I would ask that you please allow time as we work to understand how this affects the Division now and moving forward.

Colonel Charles Jones

HELP US HELP THE PATROL by becoming an STO Patron. 
  Link to our STO page for details.
WTVG 13 / OSHP investigating plane crash with federal inmate on-board
Spectrum News / Kentucky State Police find womans body in car after chase
Marion Star / Highway Patrol Superintendent encourages youth to "dream big"
Fox 8 / NE Ohio corrections officers picked up in sex sting
DOJ / Columbus woman charged federally with kidnapping of infant twins
WTRF 7 / OSHP, deputies looking for man who assaulted woman at Park & Ride
Dispatch / Republicans introduce ethics reform bill on eve of public corruption trial
WCMH 4 / Columbus gun restrictions now in effect
WFIN / Ohio State Highway Patrol seeking cadets
WCMH 4 / Four escaped inmates caught in Southwest Ohio 
WTOV 9 / St. Clairsville OSHP wants help capturing assault suspect 
Scioto Post / Troopers find drugs in magnetic box during traffic stop
Daily Mail / Dramatic video of Ohio State Troopers pursuing, capturing escaped inmates 
Happy New Year - A few 2023 
New Year Resolution 
Suggestions from!

1. Not in the Retirees' Association? Join Us!
    If you are a uniform or civilian retiree of the Ohio State Highway      Patrol you can join the Retiree's Association.  If you have ever                   WORKED for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, you can become an      Associate Member.  Established in 1975 and still going strong with      over 1400 members, you can be part of this special group for only         $1.00 per month.  Link to the membership page at
     The Retirees' Association is a registered 501(c)(3). 

2. Not a State Troopers of Ohio Patron? Sign Up! 
    Anyone, ANYONE, can support the recently resurrected State Troopers of Ohio Inc.  As a registered 501 (c) (4),  the STO has been actively lobbying members of the Ohio General Assembly to improve the pay and benefits of our active duty employees and, in turn, strengthening the financial stability of the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System. Working with our legislative agents at the Batchelder Company, progress has been made!  As addressed by Colonel Jones in his message to the field legislation was codified during the lame duck session of the 134th GA that established a framework for restructuring the pay range for certain exempt employees.  Earlier in 2022, troopers were provided a pay range increase in addition to the increase provided in their collective bargaining agreement.  Also, legislation was passed to increase the entry age to be a trooper to less than 40 years, from the previous 35 years.  All of these changes were made to help improve the Patrol's competitive position in todays extremely difficult law enforcement recruiting environment. But as noted by Colonel Jones, "While this is a start, it is not the finish line. Much more work will continue to occur until we reach our goals."  We agree! 

Over 400 retirees, actives, or friends of the Patrol have provided a monetary gift of support to the STO to fund our legislative efforts.  Many of our uniform retirees have made a $5.00 per month pledge from their monthly pension.  Link to our STO page to learn more about the STO and how you can support our efforts in 2023. 
State Troopers of Ohio Page
Morning Journal / Death row inmate resentenced, could get parole
BG Independent / Two BGSU officers graduate from OSHP Academy
WBNS 10 / Woman killed in two vehicle deer crash in Licking County