This website is dedicated to all Troopers and non-sworn employees, both past and present, whose hard work, dedication, loyalty and integrity have made the Ohio State Highway Patrol one of the most professional and well respected law enforcement agencies in the Country.  Troopers who have dedicated their lives to the Patrol and put them on the line every day to serve and protect the citizens of our great State deserve our support. 

It represents those who are proud to be a Trooper, proud of the Flying Wheel and proud to wear the black and gray.  It represents Troopers who serve their communities with respect, honesty and integrity.  It represents Troopers who respect the Highway Patrol and all it stands for.  It represents Troopers who love the Patrol and care about its future!

Trooper to Trooper is an independent website developed by a group of  retired Troopers focusing on the interests, issues, and activities affecting the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Funding is provided by the retired Superintendents of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. 

All website content is reviewed and approved by the Trooper to Trooper Editorial Board.
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We appreciate the support of all living, retired Superintendents and those in memoriam who have shared in our journey.

Colonel Robert M. Chiaramonte,
     EOW December 7th, 2014
Colonel Jack B. Walsh, 
    EOW May 22nd, 2015
Colonel Thomas W. Rice
Colonel Warren H. Davies
Colonel Kenneth B. Marshall
Colonel Kenneth L. Morckel
Colonel Paul D. McClellan 
Colonel Richard H. Collins 
Colonel John Born
Colonel Paul Pride
Colonel Richard Fambro
Major David D. Sturtz, Ohio's 1st IG, 
    EOW September 18, 2015

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'...I will be sharing more about my leadership style as time goes on, but I am committed to creating a culture where all employees are empowered to share their ideas. I believe the best ideas for an organization are often expressed by those who are working on the front lines. Please don’t ever hesitate to share a big idea about how we can be doing something better.'
- ODPS Director Andy Wilson

With our condolences, we report the passing of Frances J. Kijowski, age 90, (upper left) spouse of retired Captain Michael E. Kijowski, on Sunday, January 22, 2023. Michael graduated from the 42nd academy class on August 6, 1954 and retired on April 28, 1984.

HPRS just learned of the passing of Gloria M. Naas, age 94, surviving spouse of Retired Sergeant Frederick J. Naas, (lower  left) on January 16, 2023. Fred graduated from the 23rd academy class on September 10, 1947 and passed away on March 29, 2001.

Service and condolence information can be found at
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The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports there have been 685 buggy-related crashes statewide since 2018 — far more than any other circumstance the patrol accounts for — and of those, 17 were fatal. There were 68 such crashes in Ashland County; 135 in neighboring Wayne County; 78 in Holmes County to the southeast; and 39 in Knox County to the south.
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“It’s the rewarding feeling of being able to help. You’re talking to people on what could be their worst day ever and just providing them some help or sense of relief,” - Dispatcher Supervisor Jen Moran
Times-Leader / Ohio State Patrol needs to hire more dispatchers 

Over 400 retirees, actives, or friends of the Patrol have provided a monetary gift of support to the STO to fund our legislative efforts. Many of our uniform retirees have made a $5.00 per month pledge from their monthly pension. Link to our STO page to learn more about the STO and how you can support our efforts in 2023. 
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